Gaming and Tech Companies Are Hiring Models to Spice up Their Christmas Parties

Silicon Valley tech and gaming companies are being accused of hiring atmosphere models to attend several Christmas parties this holiday season.

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365d ago
bluefox755364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Yeah, God forbid they give jobs for some women who could use a paycheck.

kevnb364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

They are sending men as well, the example they gave had less men but I’m guessing that’s because the workforce is mostly male. I also noticed they were talking about some outraged feminist completely ignoring that there are men being sent.

Mr Pumblechook364d ago

Stupid virtual signalling website.

fathertime4464364d ago

This is old new. They do this every year. Wall street and the auto industry do this as well. Good I hate this p**** world we live in now! Screw political correctness and all the bleeding heart do holders in this world

opinionated364d ago

Accused??? What’s wrong with hiring models?

NotoriousWhiz364d ago

The fact that they aren't strippers.

opinionated364d ago

Lol I thought that’s what they meant by “models”.

Cobra951364d ago

Accused? How about commended? Congratulated? Sounds awesome to me.


In Japan, men can buy panties used by high school girls in vending machines. America has too much repressed sexuality. If I was a successful business owner, I'd gladly have have two separate parties for for men and woman. Both with FULL service female/male strippers.

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