PlayStation Boss Pledges Dedication to Single Player Games “That’s the Thing We do Well”

Today during the PlayStation Experience opening presentation Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Shawn Layden and Guerrilla Games Hermen Hulst pledged dedication to Single player games.

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Hardiman1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Hell yeah it is an another reason I'm a PlayStation fan!!!!!!

I loved his line about GAAS!

naruga1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

....and WE fing pledge forever dedication to Playstation ... that s how a game company should act and operate ...thanks Sony

NewMonday1887d ago

Shawn Layden: don't want to go to any of the teams and tell them "I read in a magazine that there is something called Games as a Service, make me one of those”

this is how PlayStation won this generation, their executives understand what gamers want, while others don't know anything beyond market reach PDFs and power point presentations.

darthv721887d ago

This is why I choose not to pay for PS+. PS4 is my SP system of choice so no need to pay for online because I dont buy MP games for it.

I do that with xbox.

CoinOrc1887d ago

That’s why I don’t buy Xbox exclusives (what few exclusives they have left). Their best multiplayer games have declined. Halo and gears can no longer compete with titans like call of duty, battlefield, and overwatch and I can play those multiplayer titans on the PS4 with better graphics and a bigger user base.

darthv721887d ago

^^ Cool story bro. Im glad you found what works for you.

CoinOrc1887d ago

I have an Xbox One. I bought it when it was $500. You can check my gamer tag for yourself. If you do, you would also notice that I haven’t turned on my Xbox since I played quantum break last year.

Aura75411887d ago


You still have to pay online if you play multiplayer on Xbox. The PC, including the games from the W10 store, on the other hand...

darthv721887d ago

@coin, im not trolling you bro. I really am glad that you are using the ps4 to its fullest. I just like to do SP games on mine so I really dont have to be a Plus member anymore.

I kept trying to find a reason to sign up again but since I dont do MP on it then its not a thing for me. I am cool with playing offline only games. Shawns comment makes my choice even more decided.

@aura, i know. I dont game on PC and been a gold member for some time.

G20WLY1887d ago

^hey Darth, I bet if they brought out an SP game where you play as a sneaky, stealthy, little troll bitch, that'd be right up your alley.. 🤔

1887d ago
chiefJohn1171887d ago

Why is Darth getting so many down votes? Lol him agreeing with the article and gamers and saying it his SP system is a reason to down vote? I don't get it.

Skull5211887d ago Show
CoinOrc1887d ago

The majority of critics and gamers would disagree with you. Halo 5 is the lowest scoring, worst selling halo in the series. Gears 4 is the lowest scoring, worst selling gears in the series. CoD, battlefield, and overwatch have all dwarfed halo and gears in terms of critical acclaim and/or popularity. You didn’t understand my logic at all. Multiplayer games take a lot of time investment. I only have time to get good at one or two multiplayer shooters per year. When I pick two multiplayer shooters to invest my time in, I’m not going to pick halo or gears because they aren’t the top shooters anymore. With SP games, I have enough time to play more than two. I have more than enough time to play Witcher 3 and Horizon and nier and Wolfenstein... Sony is smart to invest in SP games and let the multiplayer giants fight it out. Judging by sales and critical acclaim, Sony’s SP games can still compete with the best. As far as being insecure, I already said I have an Xbox. I criticize MS because I want them to create unique experiences just like Sony gave us the likes of uncharted and the last of us.

CoinOrc1887d ago

Btw, saying things like “halo is still the best” and “overwatch is complete garbage” and then calling me insecure is probably the epitome of irony.

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Aceman181887d ago

They will always get my $$$$ because they just don't cater to my gaming needs, but everyones gaming needs with their variety of games and genre.

WickedLester1887d ago

I've been a PlayStation supporter since the launch of the PS1 and every single generation, Sony has delivered the goods in both hardware and software! I see no reason not to continue my brand loyalty to them!

trooper_1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Been a supporter since PS1 too Lester.

chiefJohn1171887d ago

Most gamers owned ps1 and ps2 Xbox and Nintendo consoles didn't become relavent till the 360, Wii era* (*at the time of playstation's arrival. Nintendo was before hand, but not during)

combatcash1887d ago

I'm completely on board with this! I enjoy multiplayer games, but I find it more difficulty to find quality single player games. Big thumbs up to SONY for always delivering high quality single player experiences.

joe12231887d ago

If this true why does Nintendo have 2 higher rated single player games?

The Wood1887d ago


Now they do and that's fine. . I wonder what the top 10 would look like because 2 games doesn't even scratch the surface of the quality and variety that's been launched on the ps4 this gen. Sony smashed it last gen with a new ip in the dying years with the last of us. . Probably game of the gen and they kept their momentum this gen with quantity and quality. Not to put a downer on Nintendo but they're put out their best so what next year looks like will be interesting. New ip's isn't their thing like Sony. Microsoft on the other hand. . . Well . .what can I say that hasn't already been said since last gen.

Hardiman1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

I do love Zelda and Odyssey but that's just two games. On the other hand out of the 70 something games I have over half are Sony exclusives and they range in genre and are all extremely fun!

I'm not hating on Nintendo as I have a Switch but it's my companion console. The reason being is Nintendo doesn't really release new IP's. Zelda, Mario and Metroid are their main AAA games.

With Zelda, Mario and Metroid(3DS)already being released this year it's gonna be a little dry as far as must play titles go on the Switch. Most of the third party titles I already have on PS4.

On the other hand Sony has a stacked year coming with Detroit, Ni noh Kuni II, God of War, Spider Man, Days Gone, Dreams, Shadow of Colossus as well as PSVR titles. There's also Ghosts, Death Stranding and TLOU coming in the future.

That's why I have a Pro and Switch. To me it's a winning combination!

II__BONE__II1887d ago

You're a moron!
@ darthv72 75% of the people playing online are on the PS4.
It's no wonder the Xbox fanboys are screaming for cross play,They go no one else to PLAY WITH!

1887d ago
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chrisx1887d ago

That's the exact opposite of phil spencers "single player games are complicated" mentality and the main reason why the PS will always crush the xbones. Single Player games are life!

Zero_Suit_Samus1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )


“That's the exact opposite of phil spencers "single player games are complicated" mentality”

And they give Phil a promotion. He’s not for the gamers he’s a suit and nothing more.

So glad we have PlayStation and Nintendo.

AspiringProGenji1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

“he is a suit and nothing more.”

1887d ago
AmUnRa1887d ago

Phil is a talking head, saying what Microsoft tell him to say, he dont give a f*ck about gamers.

GrubsterBeater1886d ago


Your insecurity is showing in a cringworthy and embarrassing way...

I understand you aren't getting any good games on XBox or any games at all really, but that's no reason to come here and make yourself look pathetic in the comment sections...

It's just.... sad..

I feel bad for you, man...

If you got over your painfully obvious insecurities, then maybe you could let go of your crushed ego and get a PlayStation. Then you would have tons of great games and maybe not feel so sad and pathetic all the time.

It's okay, dude. MS has brainwashed you, I get it, but you don't have to let MS be the reason you don't have anything good to play... PlayStation can fix that for ya, poor fella..

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tehpees31887d ago

They blame market trends and money but the truth is they only want to push online for control purposes. You have more dictation over online restrictions.

Nyxus1887d ago

What annoys me about that attitude is that they act like they are mere puppets in the hands of these trends. But as one of the three console makers they have a responsibility to help shape the industry the right way. If Phil wants single player games and thinks they are important, he should make sure they get made.

tehpees31887d ago

Completely agree. The problem *might* be that Microsoft being an American corporation share EA's mentality that service based games should be the only ones in existence. Whatever makes them believe that they can keep deluding themselves.

360 had the library variety it did because they had games for all types of players. Want single player? Banjo and Fable. Want party games? Lips and Scene it! Now they have completely omitted both.

Service based games might be the biggest market but restricting your market to a single base is the dumbest thing you can do. Video games are not just something to chase money on. There is much bigger opportunities here.

Tru_Blu1887d ago

Problem is the American corporate culture. They no longer even consider any other options other then maximum profit, even if it will be detrimental down the road.

LandoCalrissiano1887d ago

Tell that to the 4 million concurrent pubg and fortnite players right now. Or the growing billion dollar esport market.

UCForce1887d ago

What about Evole and Lawbreaker ? Those two didn’t reach million players.

jznrpg1887d ago

4 million is great for one game but if all of your games are similar structure there will be fatigue of the games and system you bring them too. Also out of many games only a few will be thst succesful. Also over 100 million people will buy a PlayStation this gen and it will have nothing tot do with GaaS

rainslacker1887d ago

Or tell it to the tens of millions concurrent players playing SP games.

TKCMuzzer1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Fortnite is free, most people will at least try anything if its free so it's going to have a good count. Make Uncharted or Horizon free to play and I Imagine they would leave that 4 million figure in their dust.
Online games can produce fatigue as there are not many original out there, real gamers still want that game that will take them away from things and involve them. That is what gaming at its core is about, allowing you to experience things and stories you can't or won't in the real world, take that away and the medium is pointless, artists are pointless, writers are pointless, actors are pointless etc.
It annoys the hell out of me that Xbox owners have allowed MS to almost make their favorite brand just blend in and not stand out and go 'oh its ok they have released a more powerful console'.
Remember all that 'consoles are dead' due to the rise of mobiles, well its down to Sony and Nintendo (especially the PS4 revitalizing the market) that we still have a strong industry. We as gamers must support that industry otherwise greed (EA) will take it over and then it will be to late.

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Relientk771887d ago

Damn right they do, single player games rule, especially the PlayStation ones

robtion1887d ago

Agree! PlayStation and Bethesda have been my go too publishers this gen. Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted(X2), The Last Guardian, Until Dawn, Dishonored(X2), Wolfenstein(X3), The Evil Within(X2), Prey. So many great single player experiences.

AcidDvl1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Infamous(X2), Yakuza 0, Gravity Rush 2, Nioh, Persona 5.

Yui_Suzumiya1886d ago

Sony and Bethesda for me as well!

AspiringProGenji1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Yes, Keep at it!

Make an MP component as well if only possible like ND did with TLoU. That MP was amazing.

rageholic1887d ago

The Last of Us MP was so underrated. I still go back to play it.

SCW19821887d ago

Favorite MP of Last gen until they messed the balance up with the OP add on weapons.

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