Bloodborne 2? Shadows Die Twice Analysis & Breakdown

As we had been expecting, From Software gave us a glimpse of their upcoming title during 2017's Video Game Awards. A short and tantalizing clip revealed nothing but “Shadows die twice.” What does this mean? Could this new game or Bloodborne 2? Or is it something else, like Shadow Tower? In this article we’ll put together everything we know and attempt to solve that puzzle and answer those questions.

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_-EDMIX-_314d ago

Since I only played some of demon souls and not too much of blood-borne I'm not entirely sure about all the lure that goes into the souls Series so I'm not sure what this reference means.

DreadGara313d ago

You could have said "First" instead.

cyber_daemonx313d ago

You have really missed out edmix. Fantastic games tbh.

thatguyhayat314d ago

I dont think it is. I get a tenchu feeling. Im sure they would announce bloodborne 2 on a Sony related conference

camel_toad314d ago

Same here. All signs point to Tenchu so far. A new Bloodborne would be awesome but I have missed Tenchu for quite some time and I'd love to see how well it could turn out with them having so much more experience under their belt now.

thatguyhayat314d ago

Exactly, its time for tenchu to return

nitus10313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Tenchu was made by "Acquire Corp" which is a video game developer based in Japan so since the "new game" will be made by "From Software" I very much doubt it will be a "Tenchu" or "Way of the Samurai" sequel, revamp or prequel.

"From Software" are well know for the "Kings Field" series, "Armored Core" series, "Souls" series and Bloodborne. There is another game called "Shadow Tower" which was released back in 1998 for the PSX although from what I can gather the Souls series was much better.

A Bloodborne 2 or (preferably) a new IP based on the Lovecraftian mythos is more probable from the teaser trailer. Unfortunately, all we can do now is wait and savor any "scraps" that are thrown our way. 😎

SaiyanFury313d ago

The original 2 Tenchu games on the original PS were developed by Acquire, yes, but the PS2 games were subsequently developed by K2 as was the one on the Xbox 360 some years back. K2 then was bought by Capcom a few years ago and Tenchu 4 on The Wii and PSP was developed by Acquire but was published by FROM Software. I'm still hoping this is a Tenchu game that is superior to Tenchu 4. As a massive Tenchu fan since the original, I'm hoping this one is better than 4, if that is what it is.

Fextralife314d ago

Well as we said - it could be any of them. It could also be Kuon (a poor-performing game from long ago) as it matches that setting better than the bloody stuff matches Tenchu.

UltraNova313d ago

"*Keep in mind that a Dark Souls remaster for the Nintendo Switch may also be in the works and the reason for the partnership!"

It will be a down graded port at best.

Good analysis btw. I'm leaning on Tenchu as well. But my true hope is that its DeS2!

That said, do you guys have any insider info on a Demon's remaster? Or should we consider the recent server shut down as the final nail in the coffin for this series?

PS:loving your guides and work on the Soulsborne series. Keep up the great work, thanks!

Fextralife313d ago


Thanks for the kind words! And well I can't really comment on insider info or I would not remain an insider long haha.

I do hope a demons remaster or sequel happens. :)

jznrpg314d ago

Shadow Tower woild be dope , whatever it is I will most likely like it

Fextralife314d ago

Indeed From seems to be in a really good spot right now

showtimefolks314d ago

I thought it was bloodborne 2 but I thought that Sony would officials reveal it

StrawberryDiesel420314d ago

It will be revealed with a gameplay trailer in the not too distant future, guaranteed.

Fextralife314d ago

The absence of a Sony mention does discount many points from the possibility of Bloodborne. But if From and Sony titles were on that screen, we would all factually know it's Bloodborne 2 so it's possible the omission was on purpose.

StrawberryDiesel420314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

I will be surprised if this isn't a Bloodborne 2 teaser. It appears to be some type of trick weapon starting up in the trailer. Just doesn't seem to fit Tenchu. The aesthetic of this trailer screams horror in my opinion which is more in tune with Bloodborne. Add in the amazing sales and critical acclaim the first game received in conjunction with a heavy demand for a sequel...methinks it's a no-brainer. Also...I believe shadows die twice is definitely another Bloodborne reference relating to the theme of dying and its relevance to the game.

_-EDMIX-_314d ago

Because I only played a little bit of blood-borne I'm not really sure how much of a reference it actually is but I would say anything regarding dying would be Souls reference stuff, so basically could be Dark Souls demon souls or even blood-borne.

Who knows.

Babadook7314d ago

You need to play Bloodborne dude.

_-EDMIX-_314d ago

@babadook- lol I'm working on it

I'm looking to continue my playthrough after I complete the Yakuza remake.

nitus10313d ago

If you feel you are not that good with Bloodborne it is best to get familiar with all the weapons and pretty much stick to the one you feel comfortable with since you can go a long way into the game using your preferred weapon.

I found the best way to do the above was to choose a weapon then play for about an hour then restart the game and choose a different weapon then again play for an hour. Do this for all weapons then make a choice.

Learning how to parry is a skill which can make battles so much easier. Even using the unusual magic can be very useful in battles and some low-level spells can be a "one hit kill" (Nightmare Frontier) on some creatures that would normally require multiple hits from powerful weapons.

Vanfernal314d ago

Well, the kanji looking characters plus the Japanese sounding flute give it a distinct eastern feeling. Plus the Tenchu series is pretty intertwined with the theme of shadows. Not to mention after Rikimaru died he came back to life while his "shadow" took on his role while he was gone. The aesthetic just doesn't seem to fit Bloodborne, which had a very particular Victorian setting.

Fextralife314d ago

Indeed, but one could argue that a prequel set in Asia (where Yamamura, the "old hunter" comes from) is a possibility. That said, it could very well be Kuon (old horror game of From).
It's fun to guess, and they know how we are, so they tease us!

nitus10313d ago

Unless "From Software" is going to team up with "Acquire Corp" then you can forget about a new addition to the "Tenchu" series.

Like it or not the new game will either be Bloodborne 2 or (preferably) a new IP based on the Lovecraftian Mythos.

BTW. Don't get me wrong I love the Bloodborne game but I would much prefer a new IP although what I think is more important is the game being able to run at 60fps.

Fextralife313d ago

It seems fromsoftware bought the tenchu rights in 2004

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