The Last Guardian PSVR Version Revealed; Coming December 12

A PSVR version for the most anticipated “The Last Guardian” has been revealed at PSX 2017. A very short clip was shown during the initial hours of the show. Check it out below.

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Aenea313d ago

Not a 'version', just a 25 minute experience.

Chevalier312d ago

Its like the video isn't even available! D'oh actually there are and the writer should go watch it again and review. These journalist/writers need more skills and logic. Its a VR episode NOT a new version of the game.

Lightning Mr Bubbles312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Wow, I got excited for a bit. A VR version of this would be a game changer for me. I bought this game, played a little and then traded it in, thought it was okay but nothing special, more of a nice looking puzzle game, But in VR the visuals of this would be amazing. I think I would buy it again and finish it.

CrimsonPheonix312d ago

You should've stuck with it, this game is much more than that. there were moments where I thought I hated the game but the journey was so worth it in the end.

sprinterboy312d ago

The experience is free, stop moaning

Einhander1971312d ago

Some are never happy let's face it

312d ago