Is FIFA 18’s AI a cheat?

Does Fifa 18's in-game algorithm make real-time adjustments to the difficulty level for different players during the game, depending on the game situation?

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Lovable365d ago

It's the Shao Khan of Fifa kek

Ninver365d ago

This is very much the case with fifa16. Around the 75th to 80th minute mark, the computer all of a sudden starts playing like their all messi and ronaldos smh. It's an absolute joke.

oldmess364d ago

The only thing that gets me confused about this news is: why did it take so many years for people to start challenging FIFA's engine and AI? FIFA's AI has been broken since the PS3/360 days!

Tell you something: I've played many more hours of FIFA 09 to 14 that I would want to admit, and this has always been a game with two facets: at its best, it was a fantastic multiplayer game, rivaling or even surpassing PES 5/6 multiplayers thrills; at its worst, when you play it offline, it could infuriating, just because you can clearly see the CPU reacting to you in a very unnatural (cheating) way. It's actually hard to pull off a realistic AI in sports games: on one hand, you have to simulate error and mistakes, and on the other hand, you have to simulate accuracy and good decisions. What you shouldn't simulate (and this is the mistake that FIFA has been doing for the past 10 years or so) is a Nostradamus-like behaviour that you can clearly spot on FIFA's CPU players. In FIFA, it's unrealistically hard to get past a defender without using a skill trick and that's mostly because of the way the AI reaction times are programmed. It's also unrealistically hard to get the ball back, even more so when you play at the highest difficulties.

The game has this very artificial, ugly way of raising the difficulty bar, which ended up ruining the whole series to me. I didn't want to pay for a game that would be essentially be an online-only experience, especially when they advertise (potentially) interesting stuff like the Career Mode. To put it simply: offline FIFA sucks, and it has been like that for a while, so it's only natural that these bad AI traits become more obvious for more players with time. To make matters worse, this is obviously not limited to offline play: in fact, you'll see some of these problems arise with CPU-controlled teammates. It's just less pronounced, because when you play against a human opponent, two human players are controlling two of the closest players to the ball, so the CPU-controlled player issues become somewhat mitigated.

tl;dr: FIFA's AI issues are a old story, and part of the problem is the fact that they weren't addressed several years ago. It has an obvious impact on offline game modes but it can also be seen on PvP modes, just like the case of this article.