Sympathy for the Devil: What if EA isn't Evil?

Gabriel Cavalcanti writes: "Though they've made dubious decisions, shut down a number of promising studios, and perpetuated unlikable business trends, the company isn't inherently evil. It's not as if EA is funneling its money towards the creation of a new Death Star—no pun intended."

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Hardiman365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

I've had issues with EA for years. I don't really buy their games and if I do it's pre owned. Mostly sports titles for one of my sons.

I loved Mass Effect and if you had asked me in 2007 if the series would turn into what Andromeda was I would've said you are crazy but that's exactly what happened.

When Deadspace hit I was blown away and shocked EA was involved but I didn't question it I just enjoyed this rare gem from an otherwise by the numbers company. Fast forward to part 3 and again they destroyed another game that had so much potential.

They love to force multi player modes into games that don't need them. They buy up companies and then gut them.

The amount of money they waste is astonishing. It's like they are in a contest to see how bloated a budget can get. The waste blows my mind and then they try to guilt customers by saying games are so expensive to make and that's why there's season passes, day one DLC, loot crates/boxes etc.

I say if they can't make fun engaging games and make a profit like so many others do then maybe they should try something else.

I've been done with them for years but it seems now with all the fallout from the disaster Battlefront 2 was many more are starting to see them for what they are!

Apocalypse Shadow365d ago

Same thing. I have no sympathy for EA. They have destroyed many developers, used their position to strong arm others by buying up licenses, killed competition by buying up companies to take their tech to give them an advantage. It's why I've boycotted therm for years.

Even those that support EA access don't know that EA did it to cut into used game sales from places like gamestop and was the main company that joined Microsoft in those original policies to kill used game sales or to profit off of the used games from retailers they allowed to sell them.

I remember when some gamers thought developers should get money from used sales when no manufacture ever gets money from a used sale. If I sell one of my cars, Honda doesn't get a piece of the money I made. Why should game companies like EA? And ask yourselves why EA is the only company with this service on Xbox.

EA are evil and deserve no sympathy.

Eonjay365d ago

It wouldn't matter. Greed doesn't require you to be pure evil or a blood sacrifice. You can still be a greedy bastard without all of that. It doesn't make them 'better'. We still get robbed either way.

indysurfn364d ago

But what if EA is not evil? You are what you do. You judge a tree by it's fruit. That tree produced rotten fruit then it is a rotten tree.

Felsager365d ago

Completely agree with each word, comma and period on that message.

Fist4achin364d ago

So many great games under ea have seen a disappointing end, dead space, command and conquer, dantes inferno, battlefied bad company, and crysis. i did enjoy titanfall 2, but i am fed up with ea...

indysurfn364d ago

Give it time wait until they screw up Titan fall 3

_-EDMIX-_364d ago

Pretty much.

But the reality is you could also say the same thing for a whole lot of publishers.

indysurfn364d ago

You are witnessing the OTHER side of the saying the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

To put it more clearly the SQUEAKIEST wheel gets the oil.

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FallenAngel1984365d ago

What if Konami isn’t evil? What if Konami & EA just needed a hug? 😂

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SickSinceSix365d ago

Sympathy for the Devil? EA make even the devil look good in comparison.

Felsager365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

EA did the same in the 80's

Look at the game Skate or Die.

Can the Devil has some sympathy for us? Never.

Why should we have any sympathy for them such as EA, Take Two, Ubisoft, Activision, Microsoft?
Shall we excuse them? I think we where to kind and generous to them in the past....

Krysis365d ago

Did EA develop Skate or Die? I didn't know that, that game was all anyone talked about on my bus rides home. Oh the nostalgia of using pugilist sticks to knock around AI in an empty swimming pool.

Lighter9365d ago

What if websites started writing real articles that weren't clickbait?

Felsager365d ago

You are asking for something we call quality, it is beneficial for us but doesn't produce money to them. It is very rare these days to see articles that makes us think, teaches us something and informs the public without any bias. Those articles are very few.

Dirtnapstor365d ago

No, actually a fairly well written article. He calls out EA systematically. Like many before you, learn to read. Bottom line, instead of us gamers crying foul constantly, replace the ongoing sobbing with solutions. We all want more content to our games, but everyone is sick of the costs of the season passes. In the case of Battlefront II, they removed the season pass price tag and replaced it with MTs. Initially made sense but they screwed up the progression system with it. Finding ways to bring in extra revenue is not in it of itself evil. However at this point, I do believe EA has gone beyond making the extra buck to milking their consumers.

Lighter9365d ago (Edited 365d ago )


Dirtnapstor365d ago

This does not surprise me...

_-EDMIX-_364d ago

Except my biggest issue with lots of these articles is that you could apply this to a lot of publishers.

I don't believe any of this is exclusive to Electronic Arts... Even slightly.

Felsager365d ago

EA confused their ways. They forgot that such industry is about fun and client satisfaction. Their intention to monetize and get quick gains got them out of touch with the gaming community.

EA politics will ruin them on the long run of they don't change their politics and their policies. EA continues to destroy great ideas such as Battlefront 2. They abandoned Mass Effect franchise and now they probably will do the same with Anthem.

What sympathy could anyone have for a company that devours great talent, wastes a lot of money on the wrong direction and exploits the player with gambling through loot boxes?

EA directive must be changed and reevaluated from the ground up. Their greed and ambition are murdering great projects and development teams. The attitude they have is not redeemable at all. They try to weasel out the exploitation of their customers who pays them their salary. Each year they harvest gripe, hate and disdain with their decisions.

Instead of delivering fun they try to force profits through a process that hurts the game, developers and the gaming community. Their toxic business strategies must change or these will end up destroying the whole company. I'm glad that many is calling them out for their fiasco.

The gaming community is starting to be aware of these companies adopting one voice against gambling, pay to win, pay walls, grinding, fractured DLCs and unfair prices of incomplete unpolished products. EA took the first beating and if they don't stop the gaming community will boycott them. Take 2, Activision and Ubisoft got away with that long time ago, if these companies doesn't soften up with their policies, the gaming community will continue getting stronger with their boycotts.

We don't sympathize with the devil, with EA's greed, with these companies' ploys, scams, racketeering and their frauds. Many of us are not going to sympathize with companies who takes advantages of kids, enthusiasts and fans. EA must understand that.

As an example to be mentioned Guerrilla Games proved to be the exact opposite providing a great game at a fair price, endless support and a satisfying DLC. Companies who cares for the player, provides a fair treatment and delivers quility must be the ones staying in the business. They earned their place unlike those other companies who tries to grab money in a desperate manner without a fair amount of delivery.


indysurfn364d ago

AWESOME Comment bro because of people like you we have companies super greed in check. They would not be pulling this if it was not for the people that did not know they had power with wallet and keyboard to stop it. The only person that cant change a game company is the that does not know they have the power to force them to change.

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