Josef Fares: All Publishers Mess Up Sometimes, But EA Has Been Very Good To Me

Josef Fares spoke about EA's recent Battlefront II controversy saying that all publishers mess up sometimes, but EA has been very good to him and Hazelight will get 100% of the revenue from A Way Out.

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ccgr1932d ago

Lots of mistakes lately

1931d ago
-Foxtrot1932d ago

Yeah I don't care...they'll throw you away like a cummy tissue eventually

They've been good to you...for now but really awful to us. Since we are the consumers and we are in the majority it just comes off like you are defending your boss.

TankCrossing1931d ago

Oh Foxtrot. You're so gross.

-Foxtrot1931d ago

It's one of the better qualities I assure you :)

NXFather1931d ago

I know, he had to put that in our thoughts. Wash your hands mf.(foxtrot)

MetroidFREAK211931d ago

You don't throw em away you flush em 💁

FullmetalRoyale1931d ago

I just eat ‘em. Problem solved!

Bhuahahaha1931d ago

he wont be saying that(ea good to me) in 5~10 yrs from now

Reibooi1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I always saw games like his and a few others in the past like that Yarn game to be basically vanity projects for EA. They don't tamper with them because it's not costing them much to fund in the grand scheme of things and they are supposed to make us think EA isn't like big corporate evil because hey look at this odd or interesting game concept we are funding.

In that light of course EA isn't going to meddle with his project they don't think it has a chance to be a massive multi million dollar franchise that they can pack full of loot boxes and micro transactions. From maybe from his perspective they are treating him well but that doesn't exactly make them a good company or anything.

rainslacker1931d ago

I worked an indie game that was published by one of EA's mobile branches, and I'd say they were good to us too. It's not like the entire company sucks, it's just the business practices that pervade their high budget games are not that agreeable to the community. There are a lot of people that manage their games productions that are keen on making good games, and the smaller investments don't get wrapped up in the excessive monetization that you see in the higher profile games.

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FullmetalRoyale1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )


Because Foxtrot is known for saying things he thinks will get agrees, right? Lol
Anyone who could accuse him of that isn’t paying enough attention.

-Foxtrot1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )


I say things based on what I think...I don't let fanboy loyalty or franchise brand can blind me.

When it comes to this stuff I like to think I have a point, EA are anti consumer people, you can't defend that at this point.

When it comes to things like my thoughts and opinions on Resident Evil 7, the new Tomb Raider or maybe an issue I have with a certain instalment of a franchise I love like Uncharted 4 or game I thought was "okay" like BotW...well that's my PERSONAL opinion on the matter.

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Relientk771931d ago

Josef Fares, the best and most entertaining (drunk) presenter at The Game Awards 2017.

goldwyncq1931d ago

I actually missed that part of the stream :(

MetroidFREAK211931d ago

Of course you're gonna say good things about them. They are paying you 💁

Tony-Red-Grave1931d ago

It's not just that they're paying him. This is just conjecture on my party but it probably has to do with the fact that they're supporting his idea/his game(s). All that is as a result of their indie studio support.

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