FromSoftware's Teased New Game Is Probably a New Tenchu, not Bloodborne 2

Many are convinced that the new game teased by From Software with the motto "Shadows Die Twice" is Bloodborne 2, but a new Tenchu is much more likely.

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UltraNova314d ago

Thanks Abriel for clearing this up, as disappointing as it is.

From Soft is on a roll...and they deserve every bit of recognition they get.

freshslicepizza314d ago

They also shouldn't be doing an exclusive deal.

Phill-Spencer314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Lol sure they shouldn't be allowed to decide themself on which platforms they release their games and with who they make business contracts with.

Cmv38314d ago

Is it even exclusive or jumping to conclusions?

ocelot07314d ago

If it does Bloodborne 2 then why not? They co develop with Sony Japan and I think Sony own the IP so why not?

Majin-vegeta314d ago

Not on this one but 2/3 games theyre working are PS exclusives.

Eonjay314d ago

Yes they absolute should. They save development money and the community will actually support them.

Magnetar313d ago

The dark souls games sold plenty on ms platforms. Their games will sell where ever they release them. They’d make money not save it.

freshslicepizza313d ago

"Yes they absolute should. They save development money and the community will actually support them."

They save development money, is that why the Dark Souls games are exclusive? Oh wait. You can still support multiplat games you know.

UCForce313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Ok, what about Bloodborne ? That game sold about one million PS4 units. It was a big success for From Software.

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DogJosha314d ago

He didn't clear up anything though. His first point is already wrong since Project Beast was teased in a similar manner where Sony didn't receive credit til the first official trailer. Also, the kunai isn't even remotely clear enough to confirm it is in fact a kunai. This is called confirmation bias. The Japanese writing is also so generic that it isn't an indication of anything. So the only clue left is the words. Did the "shadow" die in any of the Tenchu games? If not, then the final clue goes out the window too.

uth11314d ago

i think project beast was leaked, not teased

NovusTerminus314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Yes, the shadow "Rikimaru" was killed once and brought back to life.

And Tenchu is the only Japanese sttle game From has done, so there being Japanese writing leans heavily to it being Tenchu or a new IP.

starchild314d ago

Come on, it sounds like you just want it to be something else and are being influenced by confirmation bias yourself.

The music and writing in the trailer are clearly Japanese and there does appear to be a kunai (although that last part is less certain).

Out of all known IPs Tenchu is definitely the most likely candidate. Although it's equally possible that it is a new IP that happens to take place in feudal Japan. Those are the two most likely possibilities.

Abriael313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Project Beast was not in any shape or form "Teased."

It was leaked, and it was just an internal demo that was never supposed to come out.

DogJosha313d ago

I've never tried Tenchu so I actually wouldn't mind seeing what it is about. I am completely unbiased and would be equally psyched no matter the setting/IP. I'm just ready for them to release a new game. On the other hand, I hate when idiots treat obvious speculation as if it is a fact. You guys that want to claim it is Tenchu or BB are so demanding that you seem to not want to hear other theories. The point of the teaser though is to get people to come up with theories.

Good to know. Now we have a real solid clue for a change. Did that happen in the first game, or in a later one? If the first, it could be a remake. If he died in a later game, I doubt they would remake a later game so it would have to be a sequel. Did he happen to lose his arm in any of the games?

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joab777314d ago

I'm not gonna be mad, but I am surprised that they are not riding the wave. That and BB2 would be my mist anticipates game! It is what it is.

notachance314d ago

calling it now, the full reveal will be on PSX

MrSwankSinatra314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

What did you expect from has said they're moving away from soulsborne type games

Cyborgg313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

I think it is Tenchu. The title speaks for itself. Shadows Die Twice

DarXyde313d ago

Nothing disappointing about it. I love Tenchu.

As long as they make it like Wrath of Heaven though. I HATED Tenchu Z.

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Snookies12314d ago

Don't you play with my emotions! I'd long since given up hope!

314d ago
robtion313d ago

"You chose the wrong party to Crash"!

Ah the memories.

starchild313d ago

"C'mon...c'moooon ".

"Your greed sickens me..."

Such great memories of playing the Tenchu games.

chrisx314d ago

Tenchu is in real need of a comeback. Bring back Rikimaru and Tatsumaru!

314d ago
Sirk7x314d ago

Man, unlocking Tatsumaru in 2 was great.

starchild313d ago

It would be a dream come true if they bring back Tenchu.

robtion313d ago

And Ayame.

I think a character creator would be really cool too though. The level editor from 2 was a nice feature also.

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robtion313d ago

I have been saying forever how badly this series needs a reboot.

Stealth Assassins was possibly my most played game back on PS1.

starchild313d ago

For me too. I'm sure I played Stealth Assassins more than any other game on my PS1.

I would love to see the return of Tenchu.

specialguest313d ago

I remember the first time I saw the manji cultists creature, it kinda freaked me out. I was like "f**k that!" *swoop* off I go on top of a roof before it sees me.

Bennibop314d ago

Not sure it is the font used is the same as Bloodbornes

KTF26314d ago

But the music and writing in the background are Japanese
if it's a sequel more likely it's new Tenchu