Bayonetta 1 and 2 Announced For Nintendo Switch

Bayonetta series is making its way to the Nintendo Switch as revealed today at The Game Awards.

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PhoenixUp367d ago

Dang Nintendo supports this IP more than Sega does

gamer7804365d ago

I know big mistake, was hoping to see a next gen version of this game with all the bells and whistles. It's already sold out in Japan for preorders.

vergilxx3364d ago

Bayonetta 2 already looked good so i expect 3 to be improvement , nothing to worry about it will look amazing

gamer7804364d ago

Bayonetta 2 looked just like the original on 360

antikbaka365d ago

I wish my two games which i already have on nintendo account would be transfered...but knowing nintendo I believe they would sell it with a bundle for a cheaper price.

gamer7804365d ago

if Sega got the license on xbox they could easily upgrade it with backwards compatibility all for free. (at least the first one).

vergilxx3364d ago

I doubt it will happen , and i expect bayonetta 1 to be pc port with better textures and shadows and steady 60fps
don't think they will just give it away

Venox2008365d ago

So happy.. now please Wonderful 101 after..and maybe Vanquish :)

lociefer365d ago

Time to cave in,,i cant take it anymore . I neeed to play these exclusives, boxing day discounts here i come

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