Hidden Message in New Tomb Raider Announcement

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics took to Facebook today to announce an upcoming unveiling of the next installment in the Tomb Raider franchise. Their update was a simple one and essentially laid out their intentions to fans.   Naturally, the announcement of a pending unveiling is innocent enough…until you look at the first letter of […]

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Shotcalm2364d ago

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strayanalog2365d ago

Cute, Square Enix. Very cute.

Relientk772365d ago

Ok yeah didn't even notice that

nevin12365d ago

I just started Rise. It continued from the demo I played back in Feb but so far it's very slow pace compared to the Definitive Edition.

ASBO-52365d ago

I just finished RotTR last night! Great game, don't worry it defiantly picks up. While I love the game I gotta point out that if it "Uncharted" any harder it would pull a muscle! For real tho, if you're gonna ape something Uncharted is the one to do it to

2365d ago
Athos2365d ago

You might wanna re-think that, there is a reason they called it "Dude Raider".

ASBO-52365d ago

yes, originally uncharted was a tomb raider knock off but it didn't take long for it to greatly outpace it. the rebooted TR games owe everything to uncharted, even the creators claim the games are very heavily inspired by uncharted

jmetalhead778122365d ago

For an Xbox gamer, I’ll take the “Uncharted” similarities. I loved the Uncharted games last gen. Just don’t have much time to play multiple systems. RotTR was a really good game. Not on the Uncharted level, but not far off either.

ASBO-52365d ago

For sure! If one doesn't have the ability to play an uncharted game, the new TR game will certainly scratch the itch

bluefox7552364d ago

@ASB0-5 Uncharted was never a "Tomb Raider knockoff", lol. If anything it was an Indiana Jones knockoff, as was Tomb Raider. Like you said, the new tomb raider games borrowed many of the mechanics from Uncharted as well, but to claim that Tomb Raider invented the treasure hunting concept is silly.

ASBO-52364d ago

Well 1, I never claimed that and 2 Naughty Dog themselves even admitted to being a tr knockoff, hence why they called it dude raider in house while early in development

bluefox7552364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

@ASBO-5 Calling it "dude raider" isn't admitting that it's a "knock off". That's just stupid. It's an obvious joke, it even sounds like a joke. But even if they did, that doesn't change the fact that tomb raider didn't invent the treasure hunting, action/adventure genre. Not by a long shot. Use some common sense man.

DJStotty2364d ago


You could treasure hunt in the original tomb raider on the PC???? May not have invented treasure hunting but was an established action/adventure game well before uncharted came along

Imalwaysright2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

TR was basically the game that started it all for the action adventure genre and is one of the pillars of 3D gaming. You have no idea of what you're talking about.

@ blue Indiana Jones is a movie, it's not a game and the game that set the template not only for indiana jones style games but action adventure games in general was TR. Lara was jumping, exploring, climbing, swimming, solving puzzles, using stealth, killing enemies, having boss battles, finding hidden treasures... well before ND came up with Uncharted. Also TR didn't borrow anything from Uncharted mechanics wise. It did borrow from RE4 (over the shoulder and aiming system), and Killswitch/Gears for the modern cover system just like ND did. The platforming/climbing that we see in TR has been present in it since TR Legend.

Joe9132364d ago

Original Tomb Raider and Uncharted is nothing alike. At least the first two or three Tomb Raiders you barely even came across humans lol. All I remember shooting was gators, wolves, and other animals it didn't start having Uncharted style shoot outs until the end when the story started to sucked.

ASBO-52364d ago

for real man, where the hell are you getting the notion that I said "tomb raider didn't invent the treasure hunting, action/adventure genre"??? Nothing I said even comes close to that!

ASBO-52364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

I mean honestly, we all know that Indiana Jones inspired Tomb Raider which inspired Uncharted which re-inspired Tomb Raider, and thats not a bad thing, theres nothing wrong with it. I have no earthly idea where you're getting this argument from.

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