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GameRevolution writes: "Since I had already beat the base game to death, I was looking forward to Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris to bring some fresh ground to quest in. I figured a whole new planet would be teeming with cool new nooks and crannies to explore, and that at least the Vex would have some new enemy types and encounters. Boy, was I disappointed."

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maybelovehate342d ago

Disagree on the campaign, rather enjoyed it. Story and missions were fun. Short but sweet. I would even argue it was the best story outside of major expansions so far in Destiny.

Seraphim342d ago

Some of the missions were fun. Whats with 2 second missions though? There were at least a couple that were so quick I'd hardly call it a mission. Jumped in one mission last night, 2 minutes later got booted. Got back on, well that was the end of the mission. Also the reusing of assets for quite a few missions was, again, lazy. Taking us through an old strike for a mission. Sending us to EDZ to go to a previously blocked area...

The campaign, while small, was decent though for Bungie. unfortunately, as usual, it seems this DLC offers far too little content, again. And the fact they chose to do Raid Lairs instead of an awesome new Vex Raid doesn't help matters.

maybelovehate342d ago

Yeah I wanted a full new raid as well. But still can’t wait for tomorrow!

irishyort342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Too short for an expansion. Lazy development that again seemed like it should have been there on release day not locked into a DLC. I was really hoping they would fix the Power Weapon fiasco and move the shottys and snipers back to the secondary slot. However again nothing. Pvp I still play but it's far less skillful that the 1st game was. With the amount of Twitch Destiny hardcore guys and gals now looking at other games and playing them on their streams, surely bungie sees that as a big problem with the Pvp gunplay. Oh well gotta go grind for this Lens gun so I can enjoy my PVP more till they nerf another OP gun to make the game slooowwweeerrr again :(