The Detroit: Become Human Controversy

Gaming has had numerous controversies surrounding it in the past, some of which have reached mainstream media. Detroit: Become Human is the latest victim.

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Hardiman340d ago

There are plenty of serious issues to be upset about in the world today but this isn't one of them!

I applaud them for what they are creating! The depth of creativity this game bolsters it amazing and it can't get here soon enough!

XxSnoopDoggxX340d ago

It always seems that the "mainstream" media wants to, and consistently tries to paint games in a negative light. I wonder why they do this.

XisThatKid337d ago

This was a good read and not some left points that I'm sure author isn't alone on. I for one feel exactly the same way through and through

Chaosdreams340d ago

They are creating something worth experiencing. I hope that this reaches the market, and us the consumers, without being ruined by those who don't understand the medium, or worse so, those who hold a double standard towards the video game industry.

Movies do just about everything. I'd argue Video Games can tell certain aspects in a better / more personal way. After all, we make our decisions, no?

The first decision is buying the game.

XxSnoopDoggxX340d ago

Definitely! Voting with your wallet against microtransactions and things of that nature may be futile, but in this situation it totally works.

bigmalky339d ago

Jesus. All these politicians and Mary Whitehouse folk these days.

If it's not the weirdo new generation, complaining that there's no women protagonists and that every game's story is about saving princesses, it's the older generation who don't understand interactive entertainment is classed as games as a generalisation.

The bastards have been looking for a way to tax games for an age now. They'll find anything wrong with them.

'Abuse is not entertainment!', yet they probably go home and watch Game of Thrones, horror movies, soaps and so on. Eejits.

DarXyde339d ago

The demonstration at PSX that just finished has sold me.

Day one.

Iceball2000339d ago

same here man, i think anything from QD is gold... love story driving games like this!

StormSailor338d ago

Sold me too, this shit gona be crazy

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The story is too old to be commented.