The Game Awards 2017 preview - Who'll win GOTY? (Video & Nominees)

TGA are live tonight, here is Rossco and David's video The Game Awards 2017 preview on the nominations and the potential GOTY 2017 winners. Plus a list of the nominees and categories.

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Neonridr342d ago

BoTW or Mario Odyssey. Just my personal opinion.

Nyxus342d ago

I think it will be one of those, yeah. Although my personal pick would be Horizon (haven't played Mario yet).

Mr Marvel342d ago

It’s definitely out of Horizon, Zelda & Mario.

I think my personal pick would have to be Horizon: Zero Dawn though.

The 10th Rider342d ago

It's too bad Persona V and Divinity Original Sin 2 are too niche to really win from any major site, those should easily crack the top 5 for the year.

My personal out of the three would be Odyssey, I feel like Breath of the Wild is going to win most places though. BOTW is easily the most flawed out of the three you mentioned but it also provided an incredible experience that's hard to ignore.

Cyborgg342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

It's definitely not PUBG lol. But it can win the most selling game on Steam award

Neonridr342d ago

could win the best PC game award. Even though Cuphead probably deserves it.

LordoftheCritics342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Agreed. Zelda might just edge out over Mario.

TallonIV342d ago

I would say BOTW is almost guaranteed to win ;)

Kingdomcome247341d ago

I've yet to pick up a Switch though, I intend to. Therefore I can't comment on BOTW, or Mario Odyssey, but I know they're worthy. My picks, obviously picking only from what I've played, would be Horizon:Zero Dawn, followed by Nier, Prey, and Wolfenstein The New Colossus in some varying order. H:ZD stood head and shoulders above the rest for me, though, and stands as one of my favorite games of all time. It was a truly special experience.

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FITgamer342d ago

As long as isn't PUBG, I'm cool with any of the other nominees winning.

Neonridr342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

no EA (Early Access) game should win :P

Asuka342d ago

Any of them except PUBG.

But for me Nier Automata is my goty

Mr Marvel342d ago

I haven’t played Nier Automata, but I’ll be getting it very soon. Same with Nioh.

YodaCracker342d ago

I would like Odyssey to win, but I know BOTW will win.

CP_Company342d ago

I bet that goty will win pops, like last year, and not the best.

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The story is too old to be commented.