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Full review of the new NFS Payback.


"Your crew of Tyler, Mac & Jess vary from dislikable bro-talker to arrogant and aloof. None of them have any personal interest, and there’s also zero relationship value between the three of them (in fact, they start out after the prologue with a significant amount of distrust between them). The story has some explosive moments, but almost all of them take place in cut-scenes, which is really frustrating that they couldn’t be converted to gameplay. Forza Horizon has made a name out of ludicrously silly challenges and massive jumps, whilst the series already has history when it comes to cop chases. It’s a real shame."

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BrianOBlivion317d ago

"dislikable bro-talker to arrogant and aloof"
I really wonder why and for whom these characters are always written so terribly.
It's the same with the last NFS as well... completely unlikeable, unrealistic and embarrassingly cheesy characters and dialogue. It's all so far removed from authenticity, it smacks of desperation.

C-H-E-F316d ago

lOl, dude, there's lame people trying to be cool, completely out of touch with the culture however EVERY need for speed is like this. So it leaves me to believe that they have Devs, doing the job of other professions... because the only people that are that out of touch with society are the people I used to work for and with... lOl... And EVERY NFS has this issue... I typically just let it be, I get NFS for the racing and the nostalgia of the good old days lOl.