Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Expansion Review - The Zombie Chimp

Destiny 2 gets its first expansion. Can Curse of Osiris deliver on the promise of Bungie's massive shooter? Read the Zombie Chimp's review to find out!

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freshslicepizza315d ago

"By increasing the power requirement of endgame activities, it is no longer possible for vanilla players to access them, which in turn makes it impossible to achieve the platinum trophy without buying Curse of Osiris."

They should offer full refunds, no questioons aksed.

Killa78314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

They can f*** off just for creating the Prometheus lens

Elda314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Folks that done everything there is to do in D2 & want more I can understand them buying the dlc.Until Bungie fixes this folks shouldn't buy the expansion & folks should stop playing altogether.

MonChiChi314d ago

I agree. I only got it because a few close friends play it a lot and wanted to continue with them but it was pretty disappointing. Not to mention my other good buddy who still doesn’t have expansion is now left out.

HeyNowChillax314d ago

After 305 and around 40 hours, we can't seem to pick it back up without much else to do. Still 40 hours of kickass coop for $55 bucks, where else can you have such fun for $1.40 per hour? Well worth it IMO. Looking forward to picking up the season pass for $20 bucks late next year, that'll give Bungie sometime to digest a giant slice of humble pie, add new content and fix a number of things.

AnubisG314d ago

The $/hour argument is just plain wrong.

HeyNowChillax314d ago

Not at all bud. A nice lunch for two can come to $55 bucks easy, which can last just over an hour and you wind up flushing that all down the toilet later. ;-) There are few other hobbies that grant us so many hours of fun with friends for the same cost. Easily justifiable.

AnubisG314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

That's not how you should look at things buddy. I can buy a pack of cards for 99 cents and have way more than 55 hours of fun with 3 other friends playing poker. I can buy a chess set for $10 and have way over 55 hours of fun with a friend. When I was a kid, I played outside with my buddies in the woods and fields for free and we had way fun way kore times than 55 hours. Looking at things $/hour way is wrong on so many levels an only money centric greedy people do that. People who truly have no idea what real value is.

Palitera314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

You are trying hard to fool yourself if you think they care that you will WAIT to give them more money for content they intentionally make lack in the base game.

HeyNowChillax314d ago

I'm not interested in what Bungie thinks, clearly their shiat don't stink but by the time I pick up ALL the expansions the entire package will likely be 20 bucks, a nice deal. Also, years of work goes into these games at the current state, lacking though it may be, in my opinion it's worth the price of admission for the amount of time we get out of it. Odd though they gave us such barebones at launch considering all the work and tweaking they put into D1. Took like a year for that game to get good and yes they should have built off that effort. No foolin' whatsoever. It's a good game with tight gameplay and was a lot of fun until the content dried up. Millions of people pay $10+ a month for MMORPG's and still deal with questionable content decisions.

Kurt Russell309d ago

I enjoyed the co-op too. I felt it was worth the money.
Once I hit 305 on a couple of characters I was done. A small splash of additional content doesn't entice me back... There would need to be a drastic change in the game mechanics for that. Perhaps year 2 content, perhaps not.

HeyNowChillax309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Good ol' Jack Burton, right on.