Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Review in Progress - IGN

Our first impressions of Destiny 2's first expansion, Curse of Osiris, are not good.

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freshslicepizza1293d ago

Don't look too good and they are also forcing gamers to upgrade, more bad business practices.

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Aenea1292d ago

They did the same thing with D1 tho so it was to be expected...

Sam Fisher1291d ago

What? Not like this. This is cutting off people from the vanilla content. D1 just segregated dlc ppl with vanilla

Aenea1291d ago

@Sam Fisher

Nope, they didn't, when DLC dropped the same outrage as is happening now happened back then.

And to me it totally makes sense too but not to the outraged people. What did they expect? That there would be a simpler Prestige mode still in place when everyone with DLC can easily level way past the requirements? Or add two different ones? What?

With a DLC max levels change so the higher level stuff has to change as well otherwise it would be too easy...

maybelovehate1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Anyone who says no gun feels powerful in PVP has never gone up again the Prometheus Lens.

And it clearly needs to be fixed haha. But please bungie, just fix it in PVP, not PVE.

InTheZoneAC1293d ago

bungie already said it was broken, for whatever reason it was affected with the public patch and somehow not found in testing

maybelovehate1293d ago

Pretty crazy it didn't show up in testing. You can just shoot in the vicinity of a player and he dies lol

LordoftheCritics1292d ago

Prometheus Lens is so broken that PVP has dried out in the game.

Everytime some player has that gun, the entire opposition squad leaves.

PVP has never been this broken.

irishyort1292d ago

Yes it has. it has been broken ever since they decided, in some stupid universe, to make 2 primary slots. what are you thinking. Did you ever play D1? Primary Power Heavy made this universe what it was, primary primary and Power, made it a shadow of its former self - period. It will never be as good as D1 until they fix this stupid issue

Nineball21121292d ago

irishyort - I am right there with you, buddy. The new weapon loadout is HORRIBLE, in my opinion.

Aenea1291d ago

Even in PvE it's way too overpowered...

irishyort1292d ago Show
TheRealTedCruz1292d ago

Grabbed the game last week, when Amazon had it for $25.
Heard not great things, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Always felt the series would be a thing for me, though never really got the chance to play the original.
Been binge playing it the last couple days. Story content is fun enough, as is the gameplay, if a bit repetitive. Though access to separate powers and skills later on remedies this a bit.
World looks nice, if static. Gunplay is good, though repetitive. The acquisition of skills is entertaining and rewarding, though there doesn't seem to be too much variance in choices to be had. Even between the different classes. For every positive the game has, there seems to be a lesser negative tied to it.It's a really fun time. I'd call it a good game. I just don't know if it's a great game.

I now ranked my character to level 20. Earned all of the skills there are to earn, and am about to finish the story content. Going to spend some time in the PvP, and doing the raiding, but I think my time here is going to be short lived, being I have no interest in starting another character, what with the repetitious gameplay, and the lack of variety between different classes.
Unless they really add to the game down the road, I am not surprised players dropped off of this one quickly. Repetition is a factor, there's not much variety in the character building, there's only a handful of raids and the like to be had for end game, there's little in the way of interesting side content to be had in the story proper.

It's junkfood gaming. Fun for a while, but you don't get much from it at the end, and you're left feeling unsatisfied. They are 70% the way to having something amazing, but it's almost like they don't care enough to go that other 30%.

maybelovehate1291d ago

Lack of variety between classes? What lol. Start another character.

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