PS4 worldwide sales top 70.6 million (was 60M in June), PlayStation VR tops two million

PlayStation 4 has cumulatively sold through more than 70.6 million units to consumers as of December 3, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced.

In addition to hardware, more than 617.8 million copies of PlayStation 4 games have been sold at retailers across the world and through digital downloads on the PlayStation Store as of the same date.

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Themba76316d ago

can it beat ps2 now that is the question. who knows it could be possible

freshslicepizza316d ago

Possibly when it gets below $200 standard pricing. PSVR should get down to that price too and then maybe it will hit the 5 million mark.

Impressive numbers driven by a well marketing campaign before launch and good support since.

uptownsoul316d ago (Edited 316d ago )


ATTACH RATE went from 8.07 (487.8M games divided by 60.4M consoles) in June 2017 -


ATTACH RATE of 8.75 (617.8M games divided by 70.6M consoles) in Dec 2017 -

(btw, the PSVR attach rate is pretty impressive itself at 6.10 (12.2M PSVR games for 2M PSVR units))

JaguarEvolved316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

PlayStation domination across all nations. I can't wait for all the ps4 exclusive games next year. PlayStation 4 is a quality console with the most exclusive games for its generation and playstation always has the most exclusive games and the most quality exclusive games every generation. Well deserved sales for the best console. I just got a ps4 recently and it just has a lot of games with a lot more to come. It's weird to think that they are so successful without 4k resolution in majority of the games. Fanat-X start to panic

super_bruno316d ago

WOW good for Sony, VR is flopping hard dou.

darthv72316d ago

I'm thinking the ranking of PS systems will fall something like this...

PS2: 150+ million
PS4: 125+ million
PS1: 100+ million
PS3: 85+ million

AmUnRa316d ago Show
fr0sty316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

VR is hardly flopping. More and more people are getting into it, and it is moving millions upon millions of units. As it continues to refine itself, especially once it goes full wireless, it will catch on. It isn't like 3DTV or motion control where there was a limit to how good it can get... VR can be iterated upon many times until it is much more convenient to use than the experience we have today. It will still be its own genre, many 2D game styles still won't work as good, but eventually some really good games that cannot be done properly in 2D will come along (there already are some), and the 2 markets will each carve out their own niche.

Considering Sony launched PSVR as the most expensive console add-on device in history (it cost me more than my launch day PS4), a category of devices already very prone to failure, I'd say 2 million is a damn good number to hit in such a short amount of time.

UltraNova315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

So thats 10million+ in 5 months? Well thats what I call running away with it!

Lets say the sell 20mill per year going forward for at least 2 more years, thats 110million by the end of 2019. Now if the ps5 comes out late 2019 that means ps4 sales could drop down to half for a year or so (say 8-10 mill) until the ps5 hits its stride.

I m guesstimating 120+million sold by 2020 and 135-145mil lifetime. And I'm being very conservative here since the ps4's price hasnt dropped to the 199 dollar sweet spot yet (E3 2018?).

So I cant see it surpassing the ps2. That said even getting that close, with so much competition these days its an unparalleled feat on its own.

Hat's off Sony.

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zivtheawesome316d ago

looking at the raw increase it shouldn't, UNLESS if they manage to get the price to so low that it would sell seriously well even after the PS5 release.

RpgSama316d ago

We are still 2 years away from a Ps5, and in just the last 5 to 6 months it sold 10 million units, I think it will pass the Ps2, sales will only increase when the price will go even lower

KwietStorm316d ago

Well that's exactly what the PS2 did

CrazedFiend316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Just curious what the price of the PS2 was at this point in its cycle.

Will probably never hit the same numbers, but considering the PS4 has actual competition this generation and is STILL pushing these numbers at this price point tells me that the PS4 is even more of a beast than the PS2 ever was.

You guys ever see a tractor pull? There's way more weight in the PS4s trailer then what the PS2 had to pull.

Relientk77316d ago

I think PS4 will get to about 125 million units sold, don't think it will catch the PS2 numbers

zivtheawesome316d ago

yea that is about where my expectations are too. this would put the ps4 as the 3rd best selling console of all time! considering that the DS is a handheld console (and launched at 149$), and that the PS2 just had literally everything right, this is a HUGE achievement. also looking at the list now, at the time the PS3 launched the ps2 had about 115 million units sold, which going by raw numbers the PS4 should easily do by the PS5 launch and only reached 155milllion in 2012. if sony will keep on selling the PS4 for such a long time as well, it may actually surpass the PS2!

thisismyaccount316d ago

Well didnt Sony reduce the PS2 price tag to 199 within the first 2 years? The PS4 still costs around $300 (might drop again during xmas), so once they drop the price once and for all to $199 for the 1TB and $149 for the 500Gb it will sell even more (20mill+ per fiscal).

The pro at 299 would have been a great deal. Same goes fo rthe PSVR deal at $300 (500 or 600 for a complete Skyrim VR experience sounds reasonable to me)

DarXyde316d ago

Yeah, that seems likely. I believe the original PlayStation shipped about 102 million and Sony did mention PS4 being a return to PSOne. If it can top that, they're golden. It means they've done exactly what they set out to do.

Now if PS5 is a return to the PS2 era, I absolutely will not complain. Regardless, great work, Sony! Very well deserved, especially after what a wild ride 2017 was. 2018 looks glorious as well. Cheers to continued great gaming.

Now give Capcom money and give us Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams enhanced.

PapaBop316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

I don't see why not, gaming overall has increased a fair bit in terms of popularity and the ps4 is clearly the console to own with the largest and most varied games library out of all the current consoles.

kneon316d ago

Sure, but I don't expect the generation to be as long. It will really depend on how long the PS4 Pro stays on the market after the PS5 releases. I expect the base PS4 will disappear a year or so ahead of the PS5 release.

If the games are backwards and forwards compatible so that they can all be played on either a PS4 Pro or a PS5, then perhaps the PS4 can hit PS2 numbers when it gets really cheap.

bluefox755316d ago

The thing about the PS2 is, millions bought it just because it was a cheap DVD player. The fact that PS4 is even coming close in spite of that is damn impressive.

GNCFLYER316d ago

At this point I say it does beat PS2. With all the games and exclusives yet to release it still has much life with no signs of slowing down.

badz149316d ago

Hot damn Sony. Over 70mil in 4 years? That's just insane

Aceman18316d ago

A hearty congrats to Sony on new milestone. As long as you continue to support me with games I'll support the system that plays them.

ILostMyMind316d ago

PS5 will arrive first. But if it is $200 and continue to receive games after PS5 ... it is possible.

Big_Game_Hunters316d ago

Dohbtful since there is already talk of PS5 . Holday 2019 or 2020 PS5 seems realistic.

zivtheawesome316d ago

TBH, the ps2 had 115mil when the PS3 launched and only reached 155 mil in 2012, the ps4 could do something similar as well and perhaps surpass ps2.

Big_Game_Hunters316d ago

Thats because nobody wanted a PS3 at first because 599$ and ridge racer.

xX-oldboy-Xx316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

The talk of PS5 is amongst gamers and some dud crystal ball analysts. Nothing from SONY as of yet. The way that MS lurches through generations, SONY may decide to stretch this gen a little longer.

Personally I hope they don't and I think your timeline is spot on, but it's wrong to say there is talk of PS5 - just speculation.

OT: SONY just going from strength to strength, nice one by all involved.

Platinum_Fan316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Well... hear is what I would say. and what I have said for a while. If the X really did well and was taking sales from the PS4 they would rush out PS5 to compete. That doesn't seem to be an issue, PS4 sales are only increasing as time goes on. 2017 is set to be PS4's best selling year. If the sales stay strong Sony I feel will extend the life of the PS4, introducing a new console is very risky there is no guarantee people will buy it. Look at the fall that PS3 was from PS2. And pushing out a PS5 will mean Sony has 0 consoles while Microsoft will have 40 million given that the X was basically Microsoft's early entry into next gen regardless of how they promote it that's what it is.

Personally my feeling is that Sony's next console will be another extension of the PS4, all they need to do is make a console that's equally as capable of 4k with a CPU more capable of pushing 60 FPS. 4k/60 FPS would be enough to convincingly retake the crown of most powerful console.

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starchild316d ago

Surpassing the PS2's lifetime sales would be a challenge. I'm not going to say it's impossible, but I do think it's unlikely.

That really doesn't matter, though. The PS4 is selling phenomenally well and, more importantly, it has what is probably the most impressive lineup of exclusives I've ever seen from a console.

Seriously, previous Playstation consoles have had amazing exclusives too, but for me the PS4's lineup takes the cake. I feel like many of Sony's developers have really matured and come into their own between last generation and the current one. Seeing games like Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrilla or Days Gone from Sony Bend or Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch really highlights just how far these developers have come. It feels like Sony's studios are truly firing on all cylinders and we gamers are getting to enjoy the results of that effort.

Sunny_D316d ago

I think it’s the way the world works now. Most things nowadays don’t have longevity as they once did. You see people changing phones, cars, and even game consoles at a much faster rate than before.

CP_Company316d ago

It is hard to compete with console which was cracked, and you could play pirated games, this feature highly increased console sold numbers massivelly.

Look at attach rate of sold games between them, PS4 is leading quite a lot.

Maybe PS4 will not reach those PS2 numbers, but in my book, PS4 more succesful console.

Malphite316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

No way. Maybe It'll top PSOne though.

michellelynn0976316d ago

Unlikely. It will sell over 100 million easy.

Xx_Pistol_xX316d ago

It;s outpacing it at the moment and hasn;'t realeased it;s big hitter like God Of WAr, Spiderman and LAst of Us 2. The only way it won't beat it if itf the generation is short.

xer0316d ago

It doesn't have to beat PS2.
Beating the competition is enough.

Look at all the games they have sold... they are printing money with this thing.
And each system sold is at a profit... not loss.


imo it will, but barely. within 5 million but not much more.

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UCForce316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Impressive for PS4 and more impressive with PSVR.

316d ago
yeahokwhatever316d ago

PSVR has over 100 games, and next year its getting 150 more. Excellent purchase worth every penny.

wosej315d ago

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Platinum_Fan316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Wow absolute market domination. Assuming PS4 sold 1.5 million in every month prior to November that would mean that in November they sold an insane 4+ million consoles. Good luck topping 4 million consoles X.

PS4 is going to have it's best year 4 years in, and I would say thanks to it's commitment to exclusive games. Despite what some people say people who buy "GAMING" consoles want games.

yellowgerbil316d ago

in 5 months ps4 has sold over 1/3 of what xbox has sold in 4 years. I can remember not to long ago everyone was saying Sony was doomed and were going to have to split up their company into pieces to even keep afloat, how the times have changed. It goes to show you what smart and more importantly genuine leadership gets you. Almost everyone that is a "suit" at Sony is a gamer that is actually passionate about what they create, not just about their paychecks

combatcash316d ago

Their main concern is their paychecks which is why they made adjustments this time around. I still remember when they said they could sell the PlayStation without games and it would still sell. I hope they continue on this path, and work on great games. My concern is when you get this level of success, sometimes you take your foot off the gas. Either way this is great news for Sony.

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KwietStorm316d ago

Sony literally did split up their divisions to stay afloat lol. What people need to comprehend is that Sony Corp is not PlayStation. PS4 putting up these incredible numbers is not Sony. It is PlayStation. They operate as their own brand. In fact, PlayStation's branch doing so well is, and probably will be, a large portion of Sony's resurgence in the future.

yellowgerbil316d ago

I can't claim to read into peoples hearts but I can tell you that with certainty people like Yoshida aren't there for the paycheck alone. Cerny, while creepy, clearly is passionate about what he does. And I think it comes down to pride, not in a negative way, in the way it is linked with honor and how the Japanese care a great deal about their honor.
As for your concern that they will take their foot off the gas, yeah that is a valid concern, fear of god keeps people in check and it was those hard years that set them on the path of making the masterpieces they've made these past 5-8 years.

I am not sure what divisions you are talking about, I know they closed/reduced some such as computers and tv manufacturing but to my knowledge everything is still owned by Sony and a part of Sony.
As for playstation being its own independent company that isn't fully correct. they are independent from the shareholders but they are still under the control of Sony, and Kaz.

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