Star Wars Battlefront II Review – A Medicore Game Scarred by Controversy | GameCloud

Harry Kalogirou at GameCloud writes: "Like many, the Star Wars franchise is dear to me, and I’m disappointed EA let their plans for monetisation and a rush to meet deadlines get the better of them with Battlefront II. The controversy surrounding the game has been well warranted, and I can only hope it acts as a wake up call to all involved. While there’s some fun to be had in Battlefront II’s multiplayer and arcade modes, there’s no denying that its story and mission design is lazy, uninventive, and boring. The game is full of Star Wars charm, expressed by its well-designed maps and excellent production values, but it’s ultimately let down by a lack of incentive to keep playing and the very system that’s supposed to let us live out our far-fetched Star Wars fantasies. The life of this game now depends on where EA goes from here, and yes, there have been steps taken to rebalance the economy, but inherent mediocrity limits them when it comes to players who want something that’s more than a one and done Star Wars adventure. You’re probably better off just waiting until Episode VIII comes out to get your next fix from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away."

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