Why Are Gamers So Paranoid With Government Involvement?

Agheil writes - "Fellowgamers, Chris Lee, the US Lawmaker who provided more awareness on the Star Wars : Battlefront 2 fiasco not too long ago is back with a plan to place legislation on the inclusion of, “gambling mechanisms”, such as loot boxes.

Gamers are worried what this might bring in terms of more government involvement.

I try to look at both sides."

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AspiringProGenji315d ago

I support this!

N1315d ago

I support this as well, we need to make a change!

314d ago
electricbanshi315d ago

Honestly ! Gamers against this are not seeing it clearly. We need this, EA brought this upon thmeselves. Maybe this will help them understand, I dont know.... Also Happy Birthday ;)

N1315d ago

Gamers who are not for this are jumping to conclusions or could be the new generation of gamers...

rollerdisc315d ago

We need this to go through, it seems like the momentum is still going but its not where it was when this all started. Legislation an regulation for loot boxes needs to happen. People saying that people need self control clearly havent met people with these types of additive behaviours.

Agheil315d ago

I’m trying to keep the momentum! Hopefully something happens and we can be rid of loot boxes!

rollerdisc314d ago

@agheil that’s the dream 👌🏻

firelens315d ago

Gamers against this are the hooked to loot boxes...

Agheil315d ago

Maybe some, but others are worried about future regulations ( possibly ).

rollerdisc314d ago

I can believe this, seeing some of the saying Please don’t take them away... that should say something.

Agheil315d ago

I personally see different sides to this, the one anagaist govt are afraid of what it might bring and the other side doesn’t fear this will happen. Also thank you :)

rainslacker314d ago

Sadly, what EA is now responding to isn't so much the complaints that gamers have had for over a decade now, but rather the potential to royally screw their long term plans to fleece the consumers.

The end result will be the same for us, but it's not like our own voices are the one's speaking right now.

But, since the result is the same, maybe it'll curb some of these poor practices in the future, and maybe companies will spend more time paying attention and trying to find that happy middle ground. MT are so bad it seems to be an all or nothing thing for consumers now. The consumers are so fed up with the premise of MT that they don't want them at all, even though there are some MT which aren't so offensive or obtrusive.

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firelens315d ago

We need this, these gamers can who are against this maybe will realize they can buy more games with they money theyve saved? Or better yet! food? Living expenses?

Agheil315d ago

Basically, no need to spend $1000s on gaming when you don’t need to.

rollerdisc314d ago

Most of these gamers are kids I believe. They won’t understand worth until they have expenses.

Agheil314d ago

Maybe. They’re are also adult who go through this as well because they have the money.

Jinger314d ago

No, we don't need their help. The last thing we need is some bureaucrats that don't know shit about the gaming market sticking their nose and dictating what games can and can't be.

I can't wait for the inevitable move on game violence since they also believe that is what cause kids to go on violent streaks.

A free market is a free market. If you don't like something, don't freaking buy it. Simple as that.

I love how people are turning to the government which is way more predatorial on everyone to help legislate something that doesn't need them. How about they focus on fixing our taxes and medical and lowering our military spending. Or how about not getting rid of net neutrality... you know, shit that actually matters.

Ittoittosai314d ago

The only people that benefit from a "free market" are the ones sitting at the top pushing the cheapest stuff possible, while telling you its the best.

Agheil314d ago

I don’t understand the defense with this. Govt regulation has helped in different areas in time.

Why can’t it help here?

JackBNimble314d ago

Do we need gaming to be policed by the government? It's a slippery slope.
I say give adult ratings for these games and choose whether or not to buy them.

rollerdisc314d ago

@jacknimble that’s literally what this is all about. I feel like some people haven’t watched the video or even read what Chris Lee regulation is about.

It’s about putting in regulation so that when a game has gambling mechanisms, it has a 21+ rating on it. It’s not a ban, it’s not a tax, etc.

Just an age restriction to limit the market and thus convincing publishers to stop the practice.

Agheil314d ago

We need some type of regulation, we have a self regulated industry but that has just gotten publishers to get greedy.

We have a voice. It’s gotten louder. Sensorship/taxation, if ever attempted, will be called out.

agent4532314d ago

Net Neutrality is not going anywhere, there is a delay to the decision. Fixing our taxes and medical is extremely important. This may not be as important or high priority, but is better that the government regulates lootboxes/microtransanctions than letting game developers/publishers get any more greedier. We need to start somewhere, if us gamers can't even tell corporations no to their anti-consumer practices what chances do we have in letting our politicians to do their job.

rainslacker314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Your right. Your idea of just letting it be, and that all gamers are whiny entitled brats and these companies should be able to do whatever they want is a much better way to go.

I mean, it's not like you weren't in here for 2 weeks vehemently defending MT, saying that they weren't bad, that they were needed, and that gamers should just shut up about it and be thankful for whatever crap was peddled to us even if we didn't like what was being done.

I'm very much a supporter of the free market, but at the same time, the free market is allowing a rather marginal part of the community and consumer base to be exploited, while the majority of them still have to deal with it by the forced inclusion of MT in ways that are becoming increasingly obtrusive to the experience that we want.

With that being said, all that complaining that we did is a part of the free market system. You can't preach putting faith in the free market, all while saying anyone who exercises their desires for what the market offers is meaningless to the discussion and should just accept everything as a forgone conclusion.

On top of that, the free market failed those that are consumers in this case, but greatly benefitted the companies. If this was because of the majority rule, then fair enough, but that's not the case. When the free market fails, those consumers that want something will seek out other resolutions.

As of right now, all the government is doing is looking at classifying loot boxes. They aren't looking at regulating the industry, nor is there any sign they're looking at censoring content in any other way. While I understand the slippery slope, in this case I'll wait until the slippery slope happens, because I'm sure if the government tries to do something we don't agree with and oversteps their bounds, we'll be more than happy to rail against it....potentially more than we are doing with EA right now.

You say that government regulation is a slippery slope. But the last time the government even had the threat of regulation, the ESRB started, and the industry regulated itself. The industry and those who sell games started to adhere to a standard for ratings that was similar to the movie industry, and that was a good thing. The threat of regulation here may do the same thing. So not all regulation is bad.

Jinger313d ago

I never said yiu guys cant or shouldnt speak up. I just called you guys whiners because I was tired of the 20+ articles with all the same comments every day.

The free market hasn't failed... it's not like every game or publisher is like EA. There are a TON of options. So if you don't like the EA practices, don't buy it. Buy all the other great games without the stuff you don't like.

It's pretty simple. I hope the industry makes it's own changes to keep the government put. All we will se though is them integrate another way to nickle and dime.

CoinOrc313d ago

I agree. People who are for government regulation of video games have forgotten the 90’s and early 00’s when politicians try to regulate and censor games.

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