Destiny 2 locks content, previously accessible to people, behind its latest Curse of Osiris DLC

Activision and Bungie have just released the Curse of Osiris DLC for Destiny 2. And according to reports, Bungie has locked some content that was previously available to people behind this new DLC.

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fenome316d ago

Oh, look, the same shit they pulled with the first one.

spicelicka315d ago

Yea not falling for this crap again.

thorstein315d ago

Yep, me too. I remember when entire maps disappeared (Moon map from Crucible for example) never to return even when the DLC was purchased.

PapaBop315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Unlike the first one though, this time they've locked a lot of the cool stuff behind the microtransaction stuff not to mention from the sounds of it, this doesn't even deserve to be called an expansion. Hard to believe this is the same Bungie whose games I used to pull all nighters regularly playing for the past 15 years. Hope they pull their fingers out because unlike EA with their Battlefront 2 controversy, Bungie don't have anything else to fall back on and right now their fans are super pissed off at them.

DonkeyWalrus315d ago

Without people like Joe Staten and Marty O'Donnell, Bungie is basically nothing but a meaningless name for douchebags like Luke Smith to use to collect cash.

Sirk7x315d ago

That's what happens when you sell your soul to Activision or EA.

NiteX315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

I don't see a problem. If you're still interested in playing the game wouldn't you have obviously gotten the newest content?

spicelicka315d ago

What?? That's got to be the worst logic I've ever heard. I'm interested in playing the game I paid $60 for. I'm not interested in this DLC so I have to pay another $20 to keep playing the game I already paid $60 for? Do you understand how DLC works? It's not a subscription, I paid full price for the damn game.

thekhurg315d ago

Technically, you paid $60 for an online only game that has an evolving storyline and constantly changing content.

What you're asking for is not offered for games like Destiny. It sucks you didn't know this ahead of time. A lot of us learned our lessons with the first game, and have avoided this one as a result.

SixFragz314d ago

How can this be the worst logic you've ever heard? There is no logic to what he said at all.

He's a mindless bot who probably works for Bungie or EA.

Cmv38315d ago

So i need to buy the new content to play the old content that I've already paid for? Wow.

Death315d ago

Isn’t this like the first Destiny where depending on the weekly rotation, non-dlc owners missed some weeks?

freshslicepizza315d ago

You should not force them. If the content is good people will support it. Reviews so far say it's not worth it.

The only reason I bought this was to try it on the PC but the franchise is built on making money so I won't get Destiny 3.

agent4532315d ago

True, but Activision is forcing you to re-buy the same content you already bought through the Osiris DLC. You don't purchase the Osiris DLC you lose access to the content you already bought.

gigoran315d ago

I think we see the problem NiteX

letsa_go315d ago

This right here is why gaming is going to shit. Because of people like you that are ok with this and accept this as normal. You are the type of customer that EA and Activision love, blind consumers that will purchase anything that is put in front of them, regardless of whether it has any actual value or not.

Sirk7x315d ago

It's basically a hidden subscription, and they pulled the crap with the first game as well. Basically, certain maps and modes are now locked unless you buy the DLC, when they were available the day prior. It's telling people they can't enjoy the content they already had in the game unless they cough up more money, and it's a piss poor business model. Well, poor if you're the consumer anyways. Activision is laughing all the way to the bank.

TedCruzsTaint314d ago

The same reason I wouldn't go to a restaurant, pay for a delicious meal, eat 80% of it, then happily pay another $10 when they take my meal away and tell me I need to pay to finish it, but they'll give me another side as well.

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XabiDaChosenOne315d ago

Trading this P.O.S in done with this franchise.

SixFragz314d ago

Shame that you can't trade it in for your full $60 back. This mindless carbon copy of a game wasn't worth that much in the first place.

thatguyhayat315d ago

Bruh thats not cool. Time we made our voices heard. But to be honest I dont play it

DillyDilly315d ago

Star Wars: Battlefront 3 & Destiny 3 will be out in 2019 :)

GHOSTxTZ315d ago

They dont need to come out at all if they are gonna keep pulling this crap on us

DillyDilly315d ago

Never stopped them before now has it

NealGamby315d ago

There's never been the pushback that is going on now, either. It's about time we, as gamers, started standing up to this BS.

letsa_go315d ago

You know people like NiteX will gladly gobble up whatever these assholes release.

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