There Needs To Be A Serious Conversation About Responsible Gaming Monetization Before It’s Too Late

Sean @ FG: "On EA, Battlefront 2 and how making money from a game shouldn’t be seen as a crime but how there needs to be serious conversation about how to do this responsibly before it’s too late."

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TankCrossing315d ago

"We need to have a serious conversation about contraception before it is too late" they say, holding their 14th unplanned child.

rainslacker315d ago

Conversation would be great. Maybe EA should have done that for the past 13 years when people were trying to have the conversation and all they did was marginalize the complaints and say that it's what gamers wanted.

The thing about conversations is that they have to be two sided to actually be productive.

EA had years to have the conversation with gamers and the consumer. They only care now because they are getting so much shit for it. Before a few weeks ago, and even up until last week, they were all for defending themselves and avoiding any conversation which didn't get them what they wanted.

So, if EA wants to have the conversation, that's great. They have 13 years worth of complaints to prepare for what they're about to keep hearing, because the arguments on the gamers side hasn't changed, and as far as I can tell, EA hasn't actually changed its stance in the least.

The gamers have already said what they wanted to say on it. Now EA can deal with the governments, and have the conversation with them. Because of them, they brought a much bigger conversation to the table that no one in the industry, and likely a lot of gamers, actually want to take place. Good job EA.

datriax315d ago

That's an easy conversation. Make a good, complete game, and sell it. Who knew good business could be so easy?

Oh right, (almost) every other retail business on the planet, that's right.

chris235315d ago

what about rather telling people how not to support every ripoff company? would be much easier than to teach a global player company how they should do business, no?

PapaBop315d ago

Seems like it almost is too late.. I mean seriously, I've always disliked EA but I never thought they would so shamelessly do pay to win especially in a console full priced Star Wars game. Now you have Bungie at it, I defended their implementation of microtransactions originally in Destiny 2 as they didn't seem so bad but that soon changed with the new expansion and their job listing description.

opinionated315d ago

“Conversation” doesn’t work with people who don’t want to listen. I’m talking about both sides. You’re both a joke.

sizeofyou315d ago

EA AND people who don't want microtransaction??

It's simple really...
P2W and MTs sucks (SP and MP).
Loot boxes suck if you have to pay real money to get a random object or boost).
DLC can extend longevity - can suck or be worthwhile (BUT people can decide on that depending on the game, the publisher and their price on extending that experience).

opinionated315d ago

That’s not much of a conversation though is my point. What is there to discuss, you are making a statement you see as factual. It’s simple in your view. That’s not a conversation, it’s a lecture.

sizeofyou315d ago

And "you're both a joke" isn't a lecture based on your opinion then?

opinionated315d ago

Nope. It’s just an observation of the current “serious conversation”.

rainslacker315d ago

Are you saying that the gamers haven't understood what it is EA has brought to the discussion. The belittlement of their consumer base and gaming community. The justifications which didn't address the complaints. The blatant disregard to even try and understand, or at least show some understanding towards those that had concerns.

I understand that there are unreasonable types out there that often aren't worth addressing, but at the same time, there are plenty of well meaning people who had problems with MT implementations. EA didn't have to go to great lengths to try and please everyone, but they should have at least tried to find some good middle ground that would be reasonably accepted.

opinionated315d ago

No I’m saying neither side brings anything worthwhile to the “conversation”. There is no middle ground, you’re not playing compromise like your fighting for custody of a kid. They sell shit. You like it or you don’t. EA is going to do what EA does, you are going to do what you do. We don’t have “gaming ambassadors”. None of you speak for me and I find it insulting that people would try to portray themselves as such.

rainslacker315d ago

There are extremes which will accept nothing less than no MT models at all. However, I've seen plenty of people that seem to not care that much, or at all, about the non-obtrusive cosmetic type fair.

The gamers on forums, as potential customers of the game were saying what they don't like about them, and saying they don't want them. That's them saying what they want....and what they're willing to spend money on.

This kind of conversation isn't about compromise, it's about the consumer saying what they want. EA seems to imply they want an open conversation, as if they are the equals of their customers. There's a big difference between a matter that two parties can come to agreeable terms on, and quite another when the conversation is about a product where one company expects another party to spend their money on something that they don't want. In this case, the consumer has more to say than the company, because the company wants our money. If they can't manage to get it, then someone else will make a product that will get our money. EA wants a conversation, I'm saying that EA should have been listening to what the customer wants so the conversation wouldn't even be necessary.

When you go around saying that both parties are being unreasonable, you are way off the mark. The consumer on this side is saying what they want....EA isn't listening. EA is the only company here which needs to listen....the consumer doesn't have to give a shit what EA thinks they deserve. or agree with their practices or justifications for those practices.

opinionated315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

I didn’t say both sides were unreasonable, I said both were a joke in terms of this “serious conversation” going. Neither side listens. Let’s be honest, you’re not describing a conversation, you’re describing negotiations. You are using your own dollar as hostage and being outspoken, that’s fine no issue from me. You are mad that the loss of your dollar alone doesn’t matter and goes on deaf ears, I get it. When you try to weaponize law or pretend to be a diplomat in peace talks then my eyes start rolling.

rainslacker315d ago

Lets take a step back and let me ask you, what exactly do we need to listen to from EA?

As I said, we're saying what we want, EA is trying to tell us what we want and expect us to accept it regardless of what we are saying.

Now that I said that, I'm not really for laws being enacted to curb this stuff, but I do feel there is merit in looking at if LB are gambling. As such, I'm not opposed to that discussion also being had. If it goes beyond that, then I'll talk about that then. I do take solace that this current predicament of government intervention will result in a win for gamers getting what they want, and hopefully cause the publishers to maybe look at what we're saying. If they listen, then sure, we can have a conversation and a general consensus can be formed about what we're willing to spend money on. The problem to date has been that these companies haven't seemed to care that we are holding our money hostage, they just expect us to accept it, and go to ever increasing lengths to infuse these practices into games which affect us in some way in a product that we otherwise want.

It's great to think that the free market will always win out, but when the minority of consumers is making the decisions of the company itself, it just doesn't work. When a minority of the market can bring in significant revenues despite what the general consumer may want, then it becomes a problem. Not necessarily a problem that requires government intervention though, but as I said, the issue there is about gambling, not MT in general.

opinionated315d ago

You don’t listen to EA lol. The only thing they talk about is identity politics garbage. “We’re so diverse, please don’t vote for us as worst company ever this year”. EA has nothing worthwhile to say and they won’t bend over for you like they will an sjw. I get that you’re trying to be an sjw “because it works” but that’s just not my steez. I’ll talk shit to you just like I talk shit to them lol. I don’t see that much of a difference honestly. A small fraction of a community making themselves look bigger than they really are.

No EA is selling games lol. They aren’t making you accept anything, they don’t have that power. They are telling you what the sales want. People want that garbage based on revenue.

They don’t care that you’re taking your money is hostage because 10-30% of the base will cover your loss. They don’t need your dollar so you have no leverage in these negotiations. You can demand your voice be heard all you want but I say under what authority? Do fan bases have special rights? Royalty privileges? Do you say screw you EA and leave the fan base? Or do you just make shit up and weaponize law like an sjw? I think one is more reasonable than the other.

The market isn’t perfect but it’s the most perfect. It usually works itself out, it’s just the laws of economics. Bubbles burst. Innovations render markets worthless. Nothing lasts forever unless it’s a failure subsidized by the state. If the entire market goes to slow paced, cinematic the last of us type games then I’m done with gaming. I’m not going go cry to my state officials that games aren’t games anymore and they are ripping people out of 60 dollars and I demand consumer protection laws. If that’s what the market has decided then I’m not in that market. I’m not naive enough to believe that there will never not be an alternative though. People crying about MTs when the market is literally over saturated with a diverse set of games.

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