EA Is Paying An Enormous Price For Trying To Exploit Gamers

And so are its investors.

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-Foxtrot1326d ago

Yet despite this they don't seem to give a shit

Felsager1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

They will never admit it. EA threw away a great game. Their ego is way up to admit how hard they fucked up a great game.

_-EDMIX-_1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

The game is still actually a great game. They simply need to fix that progression system

ChickeyCantor1325d ago

Investors. Men in suits that don't understand the market though.

ravinash1325d ago

It might be a great game, but knowing EA could stiff you at any time as soon as you buy it will turn a lot of people off.

fiveby91325d ago

It's a complete non-purchase for me and many. I don't trust EA at all. If EA reinstitutes paid loot boxes, who is to say that in 6 months they won't tweak progression back to one which promotes more loot box sales? EA's primary motivation for making the game was not to make and sell a great game first but rather maximizing profits through a GaaS paid loot box system. Gameplay was always secondary to that goal. The SP story campaign is lame and MP is a total mess. Who cares if it's pretty.

WelkinCole1325d ago

Yeah I agree with you guys. Might be a great game now but trust is a big factor. I just don't trust them

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rainslacker1325d ago

I'm sure they care, but right now, they can't publicly risk reducing the faith of their potential value more than it already has. 10% is pretty big as quickly as it happened. If it goes down another 10% because they can't keep their mouth shut, then they'd actually start to face other things which are worse than what is likely a temporary price reduction.

It's not to say they won't find new ways to exploit the customer, because a primary reason their worth was so high was because of the potential revenue they had through MT implementations.

Kleptic1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

exactly. Just this week there was an investor call with some EA suit droning on about FIFA's 35% buyer retention (35% of owners are engaging in mt's, i think?)...and it's printing money...heard about it on giantbomb's podcast. They're protecting the MT movement outside of the gaming communities to illustrate that they can still get high margin revenues despite what happened with battlefront 2.

they took one on the chin with battlefront 2, but they'll fire some people and hand around new business cards to existing employees...and and investors will look at the problem as 'fixed'...

There are people in EA that 'care', that can't be denied. But there are people in charge of them that don't, and are great at understanding when to let burning fires simply put themselves out. They don't need to do anything other than let the public forget what happened for a while, and hope for it to blow up on a competing product...and pushing the envelope with MT's will be right back in our face in no time. I promise, EA will double down on MT's well before they remove them.

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UltraNova1325d ago


Ok maybe Kleptic over-did it with the exposition there but he's still right on all accounts. EA will simply wait for us to move on and find a new way to shoehorn MTs with their next game.

CorndogBurglar1325d ago

They may not give a shit for the reasons we'd like, but you better believe they care about the the money they've lost on lower sales and the fact that the game has been out for a few weeks and they haven't made a dime off of MT's like they were planning.

A company doesn't make the kind of changes to a product like they have with BF2 if they don't care. Infortunately its for the wrong reasons.

If it were for the right reasons then we'd also see the same changes being made to Need For Speed, Madden, and UFC. But nope. Those games aren't in the spotlight. So they won't do a damn thing with them.

dcbronco1325d ago

All the years EA put out broken half-assed titles and they sold tons. Loot boxes make people stop buying their games.

_-EDMIX-_1325d ago

Well we really don't know that.

Someone (or many) are likely getting fired based on this whole thing. They lost sales, they lost money in stock, clearly someone is going to pay and someone is going to care about such a loss. So I don't really think pretending EA does't "care" about the loss of money makes much sense

garos821325d ago

Well they should really understand, especially if they gonna be throwing money away on investments.

Screw them. im glad this is happening though, gamers have sent their message loud and clear and now its up to the publishers to get their shit together

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Yi-Long1326d ago

Good. There was a good game there, somewhere, but sadly EA decided to completely bury it under a heap of greed.

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CorndogBurglar1325d ago

Its actually very easy to see the good game. The game is a blast when you're talking about the basic elements of gameplay and content. Unfortunately the greed ruined it. And even though they fixed it, the remnants of a screwed up progression system got left behind to ruin an otherwise fantastic game. Its such a shame. Its essentially what I wanted BF1 to be. Minus the terrible progression and horrible P2W aspects of course.

FinalFantasyFanatic1325d ago

One of my co-workers at work was trying to explain the progression to me, half way through I was thinking "wtf"? But he did warn me it was done weirdly before he explained it to me.

Blastoise1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

It's good that this game has caused a controversy, I'm hoping it means more games are going to be under scrutiny and under the public eye when it comes to these microtransactions going forward.

Ideally we could just get proper games with no nonsense and no microtransactions at all, but atleast now people are FINALLY starting to notice and question this stuff

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solidmic1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

The article says exploit, I say EXTORT. Now we are suppose to be greatful for the minute changes that they have done and they try to spin it into "We are listening to our fans " PR BS. Essentially, nothing as changed in the game and certainly not in their attitude.
I hope gamers are smart enough not to fall for their see-through BS and continue, not supporting this game, other EA games and quite frankly, any game that supports this kind of extortion. NO MORE F***king Microtransaction. PERIOD!!!

strayanalog1325d ago

They definitely deserve every kick in the pants they get. Well at least the younger generation will now know what to expect from a title with EA plastered on the cover somewhere. I suppose we will know the true outcome on what was learned when EA announces either their next title or Star Wars outing. If another riot ensues then EA will definitely be wondering what they're doing wrong.

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