Gran Turismo Sport Sells an Estimated 982,000 Units First Week at Retail

The racing game from publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Polyphony Digital - Gran Turismo Sport - sold 982,360 units first week at retail, according to VGChartz estimates.

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darthv72413d ago

Just a hunch but... if it was called GT7 it prob would have done double that. It's good but no doubt all the stuff coming out later will make it better. Would they release a GTS definitive edition?

xX-oldboy-Xx413d ago

Still pretty good sales for an online focused racer. I brought my copy 2 weeks after release, it's a fantastic game. It will be interesting to see lifetime sales.

meganick413d ago

If it was called GT7 it would have been criticized more harshly than it was for its lack of content and online focus.

darthv72413d ago

@meganick, I don't think so. If it was GT7 then chances are it would have all that offline SP content (that seems to be coming out later) that a traditional GT game has.

Their decision to be online focused was apparently the direction PD wanted to go. Critics didnt agree and now we are seeing them bring out content that tries to make it more in line with previous GT games.

nix413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

the game maybe little light but the game does what it's suppose to do... the online is superb. i really thought it will happen like what happened to DriveClub with online in shambles but thank goodness, they've nailed it superbly.

after you get your 'S' on sport rating, the online is a charm. you really don't want to go back to AI after racing with humans. i've taken a break this week from GTS because i've been participating almost every night on the FIA test races. they're amazing and it takes so much of energy/effort because if you screw up, you can't try it again because you're allowed one entry per day.

i'm so happy i tried the demo and immediately bought the game because i actually wasn't planning to buy this game. i only started getting into the MP when the FIA started until then i didn't care much because i'm not much of a MP player. it felt so smooth when i tried the demo because i've been playing a lot of Project Cars and the damn AIs are nothing but homicidals.

happy for the Polyphony, i'm sure they've sold more... considering the outrage for this game, i must say it's a very good start.

sampsonon413d ago

know what it does exceptionally well? competitive racing. a racing game that puts racing as it's most important quality...strange i know.

ninsigma413d ago

I think even if it kept the name GT sport but had the soon to arrive GT League at launch it would have done incredible numbers from the get go.

ILostMyMind413d ago

Everyday we have GTS Definitive Edition.

badz149413d ago

just like how they didn't release Driveclub definitive edition, I doubt it.

CoryHG412d ago

It's because it's not GT7.

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TheVetOfGaming413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

I bought it last week. It is a little bare, but there is plenty to do. A load of challenges, enough tracks, amazing online cups. I am disappointed at the lack of cars though. I'm not a big racing fan, and haven't bought a GT since GT5....and the original GT years before that. Also I got it for less than 20 quid. Well worth it. Solid racing experience. Plus more content will be added for free with not one micro transaction in game.

Ceaser9857361413d ago

I hear PD will throw in free stuff in upcoming upgrades..

sampsonon413d ago

the racing is intense and fun. First time i cared about racing properly without hitting others.

showtimefolks413d ago

by now i think it's closer to or surpassed 2 million. as we know digital sales are huge

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stuna1413d ago

But for some reason some seem to think the other sold more!? No doubt Black Friday weekend saw a huge boost in sales.

Condemnedman413d ago

it does not matter if the other one sold more which one is the better reviewed game? so who is playing the better game?

AspiringProGenji413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

By that logic we Played Bloodborne and TLoU which are better than every MS exclusive because of reviews?

It’s omay if F7 rated higher, but at least GT Sport is on the green side, meaning it is alright. Meanwhile, GT Sport is sellig wel and that matters more than reviews because ”Money”

The “better game” is subjective pal

Platinum_Fan413d ago

Better is subjective. Sales are a fact.

Some people would argue that the more realistic physics simulation of not only the cars but the tracks and the emphasis on proper driving technique plus free content updates versus a MT based system makes GT Sport the better game.

Jinger413d ago


Just want to point out Forza 7 doesn't have MT's as of right now.

Father__Merrin413d ago

Gts is a brilliant game it's just sublime to play. The lower reviews were centered on content but I can assure you this title will be built up with constant additions.

darthv72413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

Well, to be fair... this is the first GT game for the PS4 where as FM7 was the 3rd mainline Forza game for the XBO. Turn 10 has been quicker to churn out improvements to their games than PD. PD usually does only 2 GT games per generation but this gen they may have changed that tradition as well.

People give MS crap for not bringing out more unique games but one thing they do deliver is games for the fans of those specific series. I mean this gen has seen 3 main forza games and 2 horizon games (even though #2 was also on 360). That is 5 forza related games in the 4 years the xbo has been out.

Let's just say there are options for the xbo players when it comes to Forza but on the Ps4 there is no other choice for the GT fan.

Platinum_Fan413d ago


I'd just like to point out that Turn 10 said they were planned for the game. And that nearly every game Microsoft has released this gen has included MT's. That may change but for now the plan is to have an MT based economy for Forza 7 regardless of whether it's implemented at the moment.

ZeroX9876413d ago


If it's so good, how come the wee launch sales were the lowest of all the forza franchises? plus at the launch of your upgraded console?

I prefer Forza Horizon series over the motorsport ones. Been playing it for a while on my PC and the game is really good compared to what I saw with forza 6. never played forza 7 though.

trooper_413d ago

What is that supposed to mean?

MatrixxGT413d ago

Curious to know if your going by critic ratings or user ratings? I have F7, its a slap in the face to forza fans. GTS has best racing on console. Its not a crash fest like forza has been since ever.

_-EDMIX-_413d ago

@Jing- I don't think Forza 7 sold poorly based on MT, I legit think it simply sold poorly for being a worse game then GT.

Thats it.

bluefox755413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

Entirely subjective. Especially considering game journalists have proven themselves to be less than proficient at gaming in recent years. If you want to play whatever game reviewers tell you to play, be my guest, I'll make my own decisions.

Now if you do want to talk review scores, Forza 7 was not only the worst selling Forza game, but the second worst rated in the series. I encourage you to try it though and decide for yourself.

Jinger413d ago

@Platinum Fan

Hence why I said "as of right now".

badz149413d ago


FH3 also didn't have real money MT at launch. but after all reviews were said and done, they flipped the switch for it to have real money MT. the same will happen with Forza 7. those lootboxes are there for a reason and you knew the reason well

Liqu1d413d ago

Lol, I'm sure those review scores are paying the bills right?

mcstorm412d ago

@darthv72 your right and Forza was the reason I got the xbox one over the ps4 when they both came out. I'm a big racing fan and I was willing to jump to the ps4 1st with Driveclub but when Sony said they put it back I got the xbox one with Forza 5. For me it was the best choice I made as every year its had a great racing game (5 was just ok) where the ps4 did not have as many.

Its each to there own but for me Forza MS being out every 2 years is the reason I stayed with the xbox.

mandingo412d ago

Not once have I though I needed to buy anything in forza 7 even if I could. Yea MT sucks but I hasn’t hindered the experience in terms of progression imo

freshslicepizza412d ago

At one point the GT series was selling upwards of 15 million copies.

Now when people complain about all the microtransactioons and DLC going on just imagine how much pure profit they used to earn compared to now. Just think of how much it cost to make GT3 and how much they spent on marketing back then to what they likely spent making GT Sport and marketing this latest entry.

hamburgerhill412d ago

So basically if Forza sold way more than Gt yet had lower reviews, the mind set here would be different. Sad Forza isn't selling more but even more sad to always see the bs from the more vocal haters.

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kevnb413d ago

because some people equate critical reception with sales, there really isnt much relation.

Bebedora413d ago

I have an MT box for you. For you. Only $20!

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Zeref412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

By that logic Skyrim is better than The Witcher 3? Call of Duty is better than Titanfall or Battlefield?

Even then, we don't know how well Forza did, Microsoft hasn't reported it's sales numbers. And this is from VGChartz, aren't they infamous for making shit up? Why are they suddenly a credible source?

CoryHG412d ago

GT Sport doesn't appeal to a casual audience and wasn't promoted as a system seller, at least to the degree F7 was. It's also technically on two systems if you include PC, which plays and looks awful.

kevnb409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

I don’t count pc games only available on the Microsoft store since they are all god awful uwp applications.

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