Steam is no longer supporting Bitcoin

Kurtis writes:

As of today, Steam will no longer support Bitcoin as a payment method on our platform due to high fees and volatility in the value of Bitcoin.

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AnubisG314d ago

Man, if I knew about Bitcoin a few years ago when it was almost worthless and sold it this summer....damn it!!!!!!! But yeah, Bitcoin will eventually fail.

MeteorPanda314d ago

l think that train of thought is what a lot of people feel...and why they're cashing in now.

rainslacker314d ago

I never understood how bitcoin could ever be worth more than what it was sold for originally. The whole premise is based on perceived value, and not actual cost to procure.

AnubisG314d ago

That is it, it's just preceived value and it will collapse because of that. It is amazing to me that it has gotten this far but China put some huge restrictions on it already so it will tank soon for sure. I just wish I could have seen the future and ride this gravy boat.

Concertoine314d ago

Most currency in the world is based on perceived value. Bitcoin takes actual hardware and power to mine, so it has more value than any non gold-standard currency so long as the electric grid is intact.

DarXyde314d ago

It's an unregulated currency, for one. Most people like cash. It's anonymous. Bitcoin affords that luxury and people are willing to pay premiums for anonymity.

Personally, I'm not sure I buy it that it'll bite the dust. I think the US government is just antsy about what bitcoin can do (make millionaires out of common folk) and are doing everything they can to scare investors.

BlackTar187314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

I would actually encourage you to do more research on the value of btc the blockchain and the unchangeable ledger.

It's very interesting stuff and even if btc fails crypto is here to stay.

Artemidorus313d ago

It's an underground currency circulating more than what people realise.

It will be here to stay for a while.

Septic313d ago

Crypto is here to stay!

ps360s313d ago

Own a few btc myself and alot of other altcoins

Next year or so...the market will be over a trillion...

Cryptocurrency will not fail as said by some on here (think they need to get into it to understand it more)

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314d ago
bluefox755313d ago

People keep saying that, and it keeps going up, lol.

ps360s313d ago

it won't fail

the whole crypto market will reach a trillion+ next year or so.

mark_parch313d ago

bitcoin has gone from £10,000 to over £13,000 in the last 24 hours. I think until all 21 million bitcoin have been mined the value will continue to increase

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cheetorb314d ago

Only a fool would waste bitcoin on steam.

Big_Game_Hunters314d ago

other companies will follow suit.

bluefox755313d ago

Their loss. Man, I wish I had invested in bitcoin early on, I'd be a freaking multi millionaire right now.

Artemidorus313d ago

I once got offered to buy a small amount for under 100 now it's well into four figures, guess I missed that one.

attilayavuzer313d ago

5 figures actually. About 15k each

Artemidorus313d ago

Well I certainly would of had quite abit of money spare.

Just need to look out for the next one.

mark_parch313d ago

its not to late to get on board. I got some 3 weeks ago and have already doubled my money

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