Are Video Game Journalists Important?

Do we really need video game journalists? Actually, yes! They serve the same sort of role as sports and other entertainment journalists.

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Bigpappy314d ago

They have their place. They just need to stop pretending to be objective. If you are a fanboy (most are), just disclose that then state your opinion.

Magnetar313d ago

I think you’re confusing actual journalist with these wanna be journalist acticles that get posted here.

morganfell313d ago (Edited 313d ago )


You stated a version of the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the headline. Like most media, we no longer have journalists working in the gaming press. It is all either self promotion, hit driven sensationalism, agenda writing, or some of all three. Gamers are not helping matters either with their willingness to tolerate such abhorrent practices. Why? Either the article has one or two points with which their fanboyism agrees or else the gamers themselves do not know any better. The acceptance of the fact that a review cannot be an objective affair and instead exists as a collection of likes and dislikes happens to be something I find absurd.

We should treat this entire matter like corn. Take it and throw it directly in the toilet and cut out the middle man. That way we can recognize things more clearly. Just have the developers do a direct QA with the community and interested fans (as some do) instead of providing this material to worthless pretend writers.

Magnetar313d ago

Ive turned to pobcast like like giantbomb, the beastcast, gameinformer, and ign scoop. Over the last year. It feels much more personal and you can get a better idea of how the journalist view things and if they’re overly biased. N4G has always been full of raging fanboys, but back when I first started using this site back in the early PS3/360. The article were from legitimate sites. Now most of them are opinion pieces catering to fanboys, quoting legitimate articles from real journalist. I’ve come across post on here where I had to go through three sites just to get to the original source of an interview and not click bait quotes taken out of context for people to argue about. I miss when N4G was a “news” collective.

rainslacker313d ago

"They serve the same sort of role as sports and other entertainment journalists."

So...given that logic....they not really that important at all most of the time? I mean, reporting facts like your local news does for 5 minutes every night is one thing , but the average game journalist today seems more like a commentator on those sports shows, and an insufferable, unlikable, and non-entertaining version of Joan Rivers for all the tabloid and self important fluff content or editorial that pervades 99% of what constitutes gaming news nowadays. At least Joan Rivers was entertaining and funny, these game journalist are cynical and often uninformed

RommyReigns312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

'Are video game journalists important?'

Judging by how their 'influence' impacted the TGA categories compared to the 'community/gamer' vote...


thorstein313d ago

Do we need them? Not in the current format. Oh, wow. You have an opinion. So does everyone else. How original.

Do you have access to people and tech in the industry? Awesome, write about that!

Are there games that are lacking in sales but totally worth our time because we "missed them?" Great, do an article about them. I love to find gems like that: It's why I bought Demon's Souls.

cpayne93313d ago

It made me sad how dark souls got so well known but demons souls before it was mostly ignored.

BlackTar187313d ago

Dark souls was only made based on the praise of Demon Soul . So i get what you're saying but Demon Soul has it's special place in peoples hearts.

rainslacker313d ago

It's funny you mention that. I was thinking about Until Dawn today, and the power of social media. Until Dawn saw sales through positive word of mouth, while the game mostly went unnoticed by the gaming press. It received decent enough reviews, but no major gushing articles pro or con about it compared to the typical flame inciting big name exclusive from Sony or MS.

It's pretty sad when the community can do more than the journalist, and these journalist who ask themselves if they are important when they can't even be bothered to support the industry by informing the public about things they are likely to enjoy. But once the popularity of UD rose, suddenly, all these journalist were all over it saying how good it was, or bad in some cases, while talking about how awesome it was the community was for spreading the word. It was pretty laughable really, when the game itself should have gotten a lot more media attention than it did, as it refined and even innovated the genre of interactive drama.

ClanPsi1313d ago

Calling them "journalists" is a pretty big stretch.

uth11313d ago

is this a trick question? lol

actually, i think the problem is there are too many of them, so they have to resort to clickable

Arty84313d ago

well do they even exist?there isnt much of journalism in the people who work or run a game site pretty much all of them just copy paste another site or tweet and then title the page/article with a question

yeahokwhatever313d ago

too much BS based on JUST tweets, too. I'm old enough to remember a time where the entire purpose of a journalist was to take the time that others couldn't take (not enough of it with their real jobs) to get to the bottom of a story BEFORE publishing it. That's not the case. Sad!

rainslacker313d ago

I see more journalism from those who entered the gaming press as amateur reviewers or commentators. The big sites seem more focused on editorial. IGN, Kotaku, GameSpot, etc, do have some real journalist in their ranks, but that content is slim, and most of the non-clickbait stuff is still just press release relays.

I also find this article more amusing considering it's coming from cheatcc....a site which has no journalistic standards or ethics whatsoever, and seems more prone to kissing the ass of a single entity of the industry, while downplaying or overly criticizing anything that is not from that company.

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