Media Create Sales (11/27/17 – 12/3/17)

The latest Japanese hardware and software sales. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 launched selling 97,732. New launches also include Nobunaga's Ambition: Taishi and and Kirby Battle Royale.

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Big_Game_Hunters2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Japan is basically Switch at this point.
Xenoblade 2 beating out X and og dayone sales is oretty good too.

The 10th Rider2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

By the end of this year it will be at about 50-60% of PS4 sales . . . that's 10 months of sales vs 46 months.

By the end of next year it easily will have surpassed the PS4, especially if Pokemon releases lands then.

The crazy thing is that there's nothing really to challenge the Switch in Japan. It's unlikely Sony will release a new handheld anytime soon, since they're already supporting PS4, PSVR, and the PS5 will be coming in a few years (no doubt they've already started looking into games for it since they take 2-3 years to develop). Barring a market shift away from handhelds on onto VR or back to home consoles, the Switch will basically get a monopoly on the Japanese gaming market. within 2-3 years it will be getting all the Japanese support that the 3DS, PSV, and PS4 were getting all in one console.

roadkillers2126d ago

Monster Hunter World is going to be huge, probably over 100,000 PS4's sold in Japan that week. In terms of total dominance, Nintendo missed out on this game.

Prince_TFK2126d ago


I have no doubt that the Switch will get its own MH game down the line after MH World is released. There were multiple MH games on the 3DS and I don’t think the Switch will be any different.

Neonridr2126d ago

The last few MH games on 3DS barely hit 2 million units. And that was with like 30 million handhelds out there almost. You think a console with 5.5 million is going to sell as much? I have no doubt that MHW will be a great game, but I don't think it's going to sell AS well as many people think it will.

roadkillers2124d ago

Yeah, I did my math and sources in another article, but where it stands now in terms of pre-orders is at least 700,000 opening week. Thats with about 50 days to release. This game is definitely hitting 1 million+ first week.

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Neonridr2127d ago

not a bad debut for XC2. Almost 100K copies for a few days on the market.

The 10th Rider2127d ago

Best debut in Japan for the series. Not bad at all.

michellelynn09762127d ago ShowReplies(3)
Gameseeker_Frampt2126d ago

Why didn't you approve this story? You are a contributor and posted on the article before it was approved yet are complaining that it didn't get approved because it is a positive story about Nintendo. It would probably get approved faster if you did your job but if that happened, we couldn't have our little paranoid conspiracy that comes with every Media Create Sales report.

Neonridr2126d ago

geez.. relax. I didn't approve it at first because the primary link seemed to be broken. I wanted to wait until that was fixed. by that point the story had been approved.

septemberindecember2126d ago


Can I see who approved the article after it was approved?

Gameseeker_Frampt2126d ago

So, you were not approving it because you wanted it to be fixed (but couldn't be bothered to add/agree to a report) but everyone else wasn't approving it because it was a positive Nintendo story. How convenient.


Click on the cog wheel at the end of the second line to bring up Info which will show who approved the article and when. Each week you'll notice a pattern where those contributors who complain about the length of time something takes to get approved are never the ones who approve articles. Look at Neonridr - he hasn't approved anything this week but it is the fault of those who prefer a different console the reason why something he feels is pro-Nintendo isn't approved.

michellelynn09762127d ago

Xenoblade is now becoming a huge franchise for Nintendo and it will be an ever green title.

Prince_TFK2126d ago

Xenoblade and Splatoon are now officially the two big and important franchises for Nintendo based on their sales.

michellelynn09762126d ago

That means the next Splatoon and Xenoblade will get bigger budgets and promotions. This is good too. They are system sellers.

Prince_TFK2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

A Splatoon RPG or open world spinoff would be awesome. I want to explore the world of Splatoon more.

Eltortugagames2126d ago

This was a very strong switch week indeed

Prince_TFK2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

As always, congrats to Nintendo for another great week of sale in Japan. More Japanese devs will surely take notice of this sale, if they haven’t done that already.

And I have got to wonder, why is the easier to read source (Gematsu) is in the Credit Url section, while the annoying translated one is on top?

Neonridr2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

no clue, the translated one used to take me to an empty page for a while there. But the credit url is definitely easier to read.

michellelynn09762126d ago

Anything positive about Nintendo is ridiculed or it is hard to get published.

septemberindecember2126d ago

Sorry about the broken link. It cut off when I originally posted it for some reason.

Neonridr2126d ago

@septemberindecember - it's all good.. I just went to the credit url. Easier to read anyways.

Theknightofnights2126d ago

It's because you are supposed to use the actual source of the information. The Gematsu is not the original source of the information, the other link is.

It's unfortunate, but it's the way the posting guidelines say it must be done.

septemberindecember2126d ago

My submissions have been reported before for not using the original source. I’m just going by the exact posting guidelines. The credit URL is reserved for where I found the source, and it’s definitely my preferred way for reviewing the information.

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