Fallout 4 Horizon 1.4 mod overhauls gameplay, redesigns systems & enhances overall experience

Modder ‘zawinul’ has released a brand new version of his Horizon mod for Fallout 4. Fallout 4 Horizon is a large scale overhaul of Bethesda’s RPG that rebalances and expands the gameplay from the ground up. This mod contains thousands of changes, redesigned systems, and new additions to very carefully balance everything together.

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Ittoittosai316d ago

Wonder if it will come to PS4 but it sounds like its way too big

EazyC316d ago

Too much stress on the GPU I'd say (like that Structure Tool thing), plus Bethesda is very conservative with what they'll actually permit to exist as a mod on console (eg anything that alters mechanics or game structure).

So much effort put into by all these talented modders, I'd love to see some kind of collab project between Bethesda and modders to do a New Vegas remaster on FO4's engine. It seems obvious to me that they're devoted to the new TES at the minute, and Bethesda stick adherently to one game at a time... unless it is in fact Obsidian's new mysterious project.

Ittoittosai316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Has nothing to do with bethesda is Sony. Sony will only allow certain sizes and types of mods which is why it took so long for mods to hit Ps4. The gpu thing I have no idea my Pro handles the other visual upgrade mods that are available just fine. I just need to break down and build a PC again I guess......not really looking forward to that.....ugh.

UnHoly_One316d ago

Sony doesn’t allow custom assets in mods, so unless this mod adds nothing new, you’ll never see it on PS4.

nowitzki2004316d ago

@Ittoittosai "I just need to break down and build a PC again I guess......not really looking forward to that"

Most people I know that have built them love to build them. Its easy. Are you sure you need to do it again? or do you need to do it for the first time?

Ittoittosai316d ago

I built my first PC in 1993 at 13 I just dont like PCs

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ColonelHugh316d ago

From the modder in question:
"Q: Is there console versions available?
A: IF everything in the mod works and exports properly through the CK, I will release Xbox and PS4 versions. I want to make sure the PC version is stable before I do so."

Come on guys, that took me all of 2 minutes to find.

esmittystud101316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Mods brake this game even more than it already is.

2ndhandcorn316d ago

Horizon getting overused a fair bit , in fashion with the lingo punters or something .