US lawmaker who called out Star Wars Battlefront 2 lays out plans for anti-loot box law

Chris Lee aims to prohibit the sale of games with 'gambling mechanisms' to anyone under the age of 21.

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AnubisG410d ago

If the industry can't regulate itself and goes overboard than that is when the government will step in. EA went so far over the line that thanks to them the government had to be involved. In this case you can only blame EA because their greed knows no bounds and this is the result.

It's the same thing if you are a kid and play with other kids. If you play nice no one will say anything, but if you become an a*hole and bully others, eventually parents will get involved and set rules for you. You can't blame the parents, you should have behaved.

In this case, I welcome the government to remove loot boxes from my games.

UCForce410d ago

Like seriously, game companies should have self control. Now look at it, major game publishers like EA have gone too far.

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FITSniper410d ago

Yeah ok. Totally legit function of government. Regulating what is and is not in a video game. No slippery slope there either. Sure.

Goldby410d ago

it may not be what is and isn't in games, but requirements for a game to be x dollars at retail.

Say they step in and make it that all games with lootboxes must be A)18+ and b) free to play. That is regulation that will make the developers and publishers think twice about including lootboxes in their game.

do they take the gamble and release their game for free with the only monotization coming from MT or sell it for 60$ and not include MT, which one will make them more money in the end?

Tru_Blu410d ago

Well if they want the game to have less then an M rating they need to keep gambling out of it!!

arkard410d ago

Agreed, I welcome the regulation. Gaming was taking a fast spiral downward with pay 2 win in a full price game. This is what happens when you push a consumer base to the point of breaking. I'm not worried about government overstepping its bounds. Nothing else is going to be regulated, the focus is only on lootboxes.

ElementX410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

Not worried about the government overstepping its bounds? Just look what Trump has done! Oil drilling in the arctic, gutting national parks in Utah, and all of the Republican people trying to regulate abortion, loosening environmental protections, etc. Yeah the government never oversteps boundaries.... Next thing violent games will face legislation like Australia and have to be toned down. The government doesn't belong in any entertainment industry.

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Activemessiah410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

This is where greed got us... the attention we didn't want from the very same people who hate gaming.... Thanks EA.

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bluefox755410d ago

I hate loot boxes as much as the next guy, but this is the wrong way to go about it. The last thing we need is the government getting involved in video games. They tried that in the 90's, and it wasn't good for anyone. Furthermore, we proved with the EA debacle that we don't even need the government, we can combat the problem with our voices.

datriax410d ago

Pretty sure motive for getting involved plays a part in any worry you should have.

Let's see, in the 90s, they wanted to keep video games warm and cuddly and censor the crap out of them.

Today, they want to stop companies from taking advantage of weak willed, and weak minded individuals and exploit them for every penny they can get.

See? Thinking isn't hard. Just sit back, close your eyes, and try it. You may pull out a worthwhile idea out of that void between your ears.

rainslacker410d ago

Actually, the government getting involved was what led to the ESRB, game ratings, and an industry wide standard that put the responsibility of what games were appropriate for different ages firmly with the industry, and the people who sold products for the industry. It wasn't perfect, but that's what government intervention brought.

There's nothing to say that the same thing won't happen here. It's only been two weeks, and the outcome is unknown. If the industry were smart, they'd get ahead of this, and prevent measures from happening. However, given the nature of loot boxes, and the concerns that comes with kids gambling, that will probably continue.

As far as what happens after that, lets wait until that happens to say it isn't appropriate for government to step in. The community itself has been complaining about crappy MT practices, and the industry hasn't listened. So in this case, I don't mind some authoritative entity standing up for us. Granted, they aren't actually addressing what we complain about, but the end result should result in what we're hoping least in some small way. In no way will this cause MT to go away, nor will P2W go away. But at least it can curb one aspect of it, and if we're lucky(which is not likely to happen), publishers may actually start to see that people are tired of these kinds of practices and back off some, or just stick to the more acceptable forms of monetization that don't really ruffle as many feathers.