Meet World of Warcraft's most notorious ganker

How a single player brought terror to an entire server in World of Warcraft.

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TankCrossing315d ago

Perhaps the least interesting subject matter ever to be made into an article. And I'm including everything posted to when I say that.

Septic315d ago

Disagree! This guy is my hero.

I only played WoW to make life hell for the Alliance.

"Someone stole something from him in Everquest, so he started sleeping according to their timezone so he could optimally grief this guy. He would wake up with him on Everquest and follow him around fucking his day up until he got his vengeance. He did that for weeks."

Okay this is INSANE

TankCrossing315d ago

See how nobody is writing an article about what you did on World of Warcraft? That's because it isn't interesting.

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InTheLab314d ago

One dude trolling back in 2005 by abusing low level characters isn't amusing to you?

Imp0ssibl3315d ago

This brings back memories

PapaBop315d ago

This sure does bring back memories, back when people weren't used to playing in pvp MMOs yet strangely still choose to join a pvp server then throw their toys out of the pram in a hissy fit when they get ganked. There was nothing quite like checking the forums out daily to see all their tears and the hardcore pvp lot responding with such things as QQ.

pandehz315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Oh man the QQ days.

I miss that first mmo feel from a long time ago. Just cannot be recreated.

TedCruzsTaint315d ago

Played WoW way back when ... sometime in 2011, I believe.
360 broke, had no cash, so had to revert to our rather lackluster PC.
Played this, as well as Borderlands on OnLive (what is cloud gaming?) for about 3 months. Made it to level 50 something, and never touched it again once I got an Xbox for my birthday.
My character still sits there on my now account lol.