Portal returns in Bridge Constructor spin-off

Valve's Portal series has a new entry - sort-of - in the form of a Bridge Constructor spin-off.

The cunningly-named Bridge Constructor Portal launches for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as well as on mobile platforms via iPhone, iPad and Android.

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zivtheawesome320d ago

FUCK!!! I was hyped as hell when i saw the rumor of a new portal game and they make this instead...

Abash320d ago

Awesome! Can't wait for Train Simulator: Left 4 Dead to be announced next! Valve is back!

319d ago
Relientk77320d ago

Assuming we're never getting Portal 3 because Valve can't count that high.

UCForce320d ago

Or because Valve isn’t a developer anymore. They rely way too much on Steam which fine by me, but It’s seem Valve has lost their way.

-Foxtrot320d ago

At this point I don't think it's that Valve can't's just they are coming off as ungrateful c****

Foxhound922319d ago

Goddamnit Valve....

Almost had a heart attack thinking it was a Portal 3 but it's just a stupid bridge spin off. I would give my left nut for Portal 3, L4D 3, or HL3. It's so frustrating to see an awesome developer completely waste talent and opportunity.