WWE 2K18 Launches On Nintendo Switch With Many Performance Issues

ThisGenGaming says "WWE 2K18's Switch launch has not gone to plan at all with the game being almost unplayable if played in portable mode. Here's a list of issues."

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darthv72320d ago

Performance issues aside, if people want to play WWE on the go and then come home and plug into the tv.... the switch version is going to do both.

320d ago
adamwparker320d ago

Well, considering the other versions of WWE2K18 have been plagued with issues and bugs, is this really a surprise???

Tazzy320d ago

I still regret buying the crappy game there's issues galore not to mention it got boring after a few matches same game same engine I don't know why people said it looks better.

Prince_TFK320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

You are right. This game refuse to run any resolution higher than 1080p on my PC without slowing almost to a crawl (my pc is powerful enough to run it). Plus, just like Tazzy said, this game is boring. It had lost all the charm and fun that the Raw vs Smackdown series had.

2K need to do something drastically about their WWE2K series before it is too late. I was so happy when 2K acquires the WWE series (who wouldn’t want to see John Cena runs around in GTA?) but now it seems like this acquisition is amount to nothing, both quality and content wise.