Where Will Sony Take PS Plus and PSVR In 2018

On this episode of The PlayStation Podcast, Joseph and special guest Todd Oxtra from Secret Friends Unite! Talk about Bungie's PR Problems and where they went wrong. Is this Rent-A-PSVR Program the Way of the future? Bloodborne has some more secrets up its sleeve. Has Persona 5's sales in the west, opened up a resurgence of Jrpg genre in North America? Lastly are gamers overreacting about the current state of PlayStation Plus?

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guywazeldatatt411d ago

honestly with the PSVR sony will destroy microsoft. I hope they do have some PSVR games in 2018, although I doubt they'd want their big exclusives on there.

Cupid_Viper_3411d ago

I don't know if they'll be "destroying" anyone with PSVR as you said, but them having 70+ million PS4s out there in 2018 that are all 'VR ready' puts them very far ahead in that department. Even if Microsoft were to follow in their footsteps and release a VR headset for the XBox One X, they would be starting from scratch since existing XBox Ones and the S models can't do VR. You could argue the same thing for Nintendo. Even in terms of controllers, the DualShock 4 was also made with VR in mind as well. Where for the Xbox One you'd need new controllers or controller add-ons.

Another factor going forward is the cost of entry to VR. By this time next year, it's not too hard to imagine that PSVR will be entering the $199-$249 price point. Add that to a possible $149 PS4 and for the holidays you get a bundle price of $350-$400. That's going to be really hard to pass up, especially given the rapid rate at which the VR market is growing. For reference, at $250 PSVR lit up the charts for the week of Black Friday and sold out at a lot of places. Throw in a high profile game that supports VR and it's madness at that point. Maybe they'll make a better Spiderman experience than the current "Spiderman experience" they currently have for the movie right now? Who knows... But a SpiderMan PS4/PSVR bundle for $350-$400 would sell out quite fast.

Not only that but in the games department, a few weeks before this holiday season, Sony announced some 60 VR games releasing from October 2017 to June 2018. A list we can rest assured will only be growing by the time holiday 2018 gets here.

So not only am I excited for what PSVR has coming up, but I'm also eagerly excited for its next iteration with PS5 as well.

2cents410d ago

destroy? that's fighting talk.

It will be interesting to see if Xbox implement their MR to the console in 2018, then we can truly see how Sony will destroy them.

ABizzel1410d ago

I'm assuming we'll be seeing first person games that are 1080p @ 60fps locked games currently on PS4, and first person last-gen remakes as far as the best to offer from PSVR.

They're the easier experiences to implement to the system.

C-H-E-F410d ago

i'm interested to see more third party games support it. I'm really still shocked that all of Skyrim has been converted to PSVR, with that happening changes the game there's 0 excuses for third party devs anymore.

410d ago
Cupid_Viper_3410d ago

While I agree that a few more third-party devs should look into porting their games to PSVR, we must also keep in mind that not every game will have such a seamless transition as we've seen with Skyrim VR. There are some games that we play on flat TV screens that don't really lend themselves too well in VR.

So I think as more devs spend more time with VR we will start to see some very unique, new and creative ways that games can be played/experienced.

I know this is wishful thinking, but I think it would be really cool if the PS5 could support at least 2 VR headsets. Local multiplayer would a blast... And potentially dangerous at the same time... We've seen all the Wii/PS Move/Kinect accidents.. lol

Deathdeliverer410d ago

Well I am in love with my new PSVR and to say I’m excited for the future is a understatement.

jojo319406d ago

I received one of the 1400 in home trials and I’m not keeping it for one reason. I constantly have to recalibrate the controls. I loved the Ocean Descent experience, and would have enjoyed Rush of Blood, but the move controllers were constantly going out of sync. It felt like fussing with the original Wii controllers. Pretty bummed actually.