Tekken Was 2017’s Most Tweeted Game in UK

A recent study carried out on the habits of users in the UK, turned up some surprising results and it seems that Tekken was the most-tweeted game in the country, with nearly two million tweets circulating over the past year.

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ChrisW316d ago

That's only because the tweets were actually about biscuits and tea

PapaBop316d ago

Don't forget the crumpets and complaining about the rain!

PapaBop316d ago

Surprising really, Tekken used to be the fighting game to own over here in the PS1 era however I'm surprised it's still talked about that much that it got tweeted more than say COD or Fifa, I guess we just have great taste in games because Tekken 7 is a great addition to the series and arguably fighting game of the year.. well between that and Injustice 2.