Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition Out Now

Jeroen Roding Community Manager, Guerrilla: "We’re happy to announce that Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is out in stores today! If you’ve never played Horizon Zero Dawn, or if you’ve misplaced your copy somehow, now is an excellent time to dive (back) in. The Complete Edition includes the expansion, The Frozen Wilds, which adds a sizeable chunk of content to Horizon Zero Dawn’s already formidable world. That means more ancient mysteries to uncover, more gripping quests to complete, more dangerous machines to defeat and more colorful personalities to meet."

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UCForce321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

A new day of HZD and a new community. I’m glad to be part of it.

DarkOcelet321d ago

Horizon is one of the very few open world games where I actually wanted to explore every nook and cranny. Guerilla Games made a masterpiece. Whatever journey awaits Aloy next, am there day 1 :)

Cyborgg321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

I'm glad Guerilla games and Sucker punch took a risk with a new IP.

Eonjay321d ago

I feel like this is what Microsoft has to do with its studios. Get people excited about your games.

_-EDMIX-_321d ago

@Eon-will absolutely I'm sure those Studios don't just want to make a Gears of War and Halo for the rest of their lives.

Destiny exists because the people who made Halo clearly had other ideas

I think Microsoft needs to allow those teams to openly Branch out and creatively make something brand-new because gone are the days of being able to hold a studio hostage any of these Studios could go out on their own and seek publishing marketing and distribution support by a third-party publisher like Activision or Electronic Arts or Ubisoft etc or just go completely independent like Ninja Theory.

So I'm really hoping that Microsoft actually does that next Generation cuz even though I don't care for the publisher doesn't really help me that they're also not making any games worthy of being purchased.

I'll buy any game by any publisher if it actually looks fun in right now Microsoft easily the worst publisher this generation in regards to making anything worthwhile.

_-EDMIX-_321d ago

Same. They did a very good job with utilizing space in that world.

I like that every different area had a different tribe of people and also a different climate as well as different robots. It's why I feel very adamant that the size of a world is actually not as relevant as it's interesting features. Being massively large means absolutely nothing if nothing is going on so I would actually be completely fine if the sequel to this game was the exact same size.

BenjaMan64321d ago

I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't played it yet.

crazychris4124321d ago

It just came in the mail for me, totally forgot about it. I know what Im playing after dinner now.

_-EDMIX-_321d ago


You're going to love it it's easily one of my favorite games this year if not this whole generation.

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The story is too old to be commented.