WWE 2K18 Storage Size On Switch Is Utterly Massive

WWE 2K18 Storage Size On Switch puts L.A Noire to the side and will defeinitely give your wallet a vicious choke slam.

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Neonridr320d ago

Thankfully I got a great deal on a 128GB microSD card over Black Friday.

Gman32319d ago

yup i just got 128GB microSD from gamestop last week

thesoftware730319d ago

I got a 128GB and a 64GB...havent touched the 128 yet. I buy mostly physical copies of big games. Skyrim, Mario and Zelda. I have like 10-12 ndie titles on my 64GB with 5GB left. And system memory barley touched.

Gonna have to break out the 128 soon as I intend to get revelations 2 and doom this week.

Gonna get another 128GB just let it sit, got a fee ling l need it in 2018 with the big N killing it and show no signs of slowing.