What Does Sony Have Left Up their Sleeves for PS4?

Even though there are a lot of PS4 exclusives announced already, Sony still has some studios that aren’t currently accounted for. Hardcore Gamer is here to flip some tarot cards and deduce what games they’re likely working on and a few other long-shots that wouldn’t be out of the question.

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2pacalypsenow315d ago

Have you seen the lineup for 2018-2019?

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Cyborgg314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

I would like to see a new Getaway and Syphon Filter. I want Kojima and Sony Bend to develop Syphon Filter together. That would be awesome

badz149314d ago

it's like the article is written by a hopeful xbox fanboy that Sony has already shown all they have this gen and now MS can fight back with the X. LOL not gonna happen! I think Sony is done with introducing new hardware this gen and it's now time for GAMES GAMES and more GAMES! it's not like they didn't just leave the others scratching heads with the amount of exclusives they have had since January!

FinalFantasyFanatic314d ago

Well at this point in time Microsoft is kinda boned unless they pull their head out and do something, good thing anyone who owns a PS4 is in for a good time over the next year or two at least.

Ceaser9857361314d ago

Sony is covered till 2019 and 2020 PS5 may get announced and there are still many unannounced projects Sony has... Good days and Bankrupt phase ahead for PS4 owners :P :D

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rainslacker314d ago

A long never ending handkerchief that they keep pulling out? Which should be an obvious allegory to games.

darthv72315d ago

"What Does Sony Have Left Up their Sleeves for PS4?"..... lots

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The story is too old to be commented.