Xbox One got 149 Backwards Compatible Video Games in 2017

It's been a big year for backwards compatible video games on Microsoft's Xbox One console with 136 Xbox 360 titles being added to the growing library of playable games from the previous console generation, seven of which were also given special Xbox One X enhancements. 2017 also saw the launch of original (OG) Xbox console games on the Xbox One with 13 games from the first Xbox generation now being playable on modern consoles. Some of these though were not made available in all regions. More OG Xbox and Xbox 360 games will be added to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility library in 2018 but for now the team behind the conversion process is taking a break according to Microsoft's Larry Hyrb who tweeted that there would be no new backwards compatible releases before New Years. The first Xbox 360 backwards compatibility titles first began appearing on the Xbox One in late-2015 and more have been added on a fairly regular basis

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ARESWARLORD344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Extremely impressive I may get an Xbox One to slap beside my PS4 before 2017 is over

Pantz343d ago

You should, the digital sales on them are great too. I got a ton on sale for $2-$5 on Black Friday. It's starting to feel like their own version of Steam. If they can keep building up their library I think it will mean good things for everyone.

343d ago