Will Xbox One X Or PS4 Pro Have The Best-Looking Games In 2018?

Microsoft had one very important job this fall. By releasing its new supercharged Xbox One X, it had to change the conversation: it had to make the Microsoft name synonymous with graphical power in the console space, and it had to make sure that everyone who cared about this sort of thing knew that there was only one, unambiguous answer as to which living room machine could deliver the most-impressive technical specs on the market. By all accounts, Redmond has been successful. Say what you want about the Xbox One X and whether or not a graphical upgrade is worth the price, but that's a philosophical question more than anything. For now, we chalk up an important win for Microsoft: it now sells the most powerful console on the market, something it hasn't done for a long time.

It puts Sony's competition, the PS4 Pro, in an awkward spot. It's a premium console with a premium price, but it's not the most powerful machine on the market. Many have long been skeptical of the marginal utility you get with the relatively minor graphical upgrade between PS4 and PS4 Pro, and the presence of the Xbox One X just hammers home that skepticism. It's a marketing problem before anything else: if you're selling power, after all, you've got to sell power. If you're selling a premium console, you've got to sell to people that might be totally comfortable dropping an extra $100 to get something better. And on that level, the presence of the Xbox One X calls the PS4 Pro's entire reason for being into question. It means that Sony has to argue that it's worth paying $400 to get a premium console capable of delivering 4K graphics but that it's maybe not worth paying $500 to get something better. It's a tough balancing act.

And yet the PS4 Pro still feels like an important console in the face of the Xbox One X for the same reason that PS4 has become such an attractive buy over the Xbox One. It's not complicated: PlayStation has the games, and Microsoft just can't keep up.

chrisx2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Nothing on bonex will ever look as good as God of war or TLOU pt 2. Or even old games like Uncharted 4 and Horizon ZD.

UltraNova2390d ago

Yeah its going to be near impossible to beat anything from Sony's Holy Trinity studios (ND, Guerilla and Santa M.) Maybe Halo 6 could stand a chance but I seriously doubt 323 has the chops to go against ND's graphics team.

Obscure_Observer2390d ago


"Maybe Halo 6 could stand a chance but I seriously doubt 323 has the chops to go against ND's graphics team."

Well, something has to be given if you´re aiming for 60fps. Most Xbox One first party games favors framerates over graphical fidelity.

UltraNova2390d ago


Do you often use spelling mistakes against those whose statements you cant refute?

kevnb2389d ago

halo 5 looks amazing on the x and so does forza 7 (also both at 60 fps), I dont think anything on ps4 looks better than either of those games.

Imalwaysright2388d ago

Why is that? Did ND programmers went to some sort of secret programming school that other programmers didn't? I would like to know what's behind that reasoning.

bluefox7552388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Halo 6 won't, because it's a shooter and needs to retain 60fps, thus sacrificing fidelity. Like Obscure said, all 3 of Microsoft's games prioritize frame rate because of their genres.
@kevnb Neither of those games compare to UC4 or HZD, heck, Forza 7 doesn't even look as good as Driveclub, and lets be honest, TLoU2 will be on another level yet.
@imalwaysright Reasoning? Just look at the games. It's self evident.

Imalwaysright2388d ago


It isn't. You mentioned forza and driveclub. Forza is a 60 fps game and Driveclub is a 30 fps game. You literally need double the power to have the same exact game running at 60 fps as opposed to 30 fps. You could mention GT sport, another 60 fps game but PD had 4 years to make it and is light on content compared to Forza 7 that had a much shorter dev time period.

There are many factors that can affect the graphical fidelity of a game: hardware, time, budget, how the devs design their games, engine and probably more that I don't even know about.

Ceaser98573612388d ago

i am always right

"Why is that? Did ND programmers went to some sort of secret programming school that other programmers didn't? I would like to know what's behind that reasoning."

Thats like saying why is Usan Bolt coming 1st and not the rest.... or why is this one kid who gets good marks and not the rest when they are all from the same school and same class... Credit must be given where its due, ND is one of the best devs out there and their games does the speaking...

kevnb2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

just to be clear guys, 60 fps makes a game look better in motion. Thats why i think Halo 5 looks so amazing, it just animates so well.

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Obscure_Observer2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )


"Nothing on bonex will ever look as good as God of war or TLOU pt 2. Or even old games like Uncharted 4 and Horizon ZD."

Never, hu? Hmm... can´t wait to see how the new open world from Playground will fare against those on the X.

2389d ago
Elda2389d ago

PUBG graphics look dated...lmao!

mcstorm2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

@Obscure_Observer I agree and this graphics argument is funny as for me no other open world racing game looks as good as FH3 and that is without the xbox x enhancements But sony have not made an open world racer.
Sony have not made a FPS game as good looking as Halo 5.
I agree UC4 looks amazing but there is noting Microsoft have done that is similar to this you could say QB but this is not the same type of game as the action and shooting are different to QB.

The only 2 you can put against each other are FM7 and GTS as they are the same type of game and imo FM7 wins on looks but also runs at 4k with HDR GTS dose not but that said its each to there own there will be people who think GTS looks better and others who will say PC2 looks better.

I do find it funny how everyone moves goal posts though it was the xbox one is only 900p so the ps4 is far better now its the xbox x is true 4k but that now dose not matter and the xbox has no games.

One thing with this site is its great to get the popcorn out and watch.

I enjoy the games I want to enjoy in the little gaming time I now get and I really wish others would do the same bring back gaming is only for geeks haha.

Razzer2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Have you ever seen pubg? lol


If you are going to accuse people of moving goalposts then include Xbox fans who dismissed the graphical improvements of games on PS4 over Xbox One. That argument works both ways.

Obscure_Observer2388d ago


Forgive me, my post was kind of unclear. I wasn´t referring to Forza Horizon series (looking forward to "4" next year). I was talking about the new open world action rpg from Playground game that will most likely go against Horizon Zero Dawn. ;)

hamburgerhill2388d ago

I get the argument about Sony having the best looking games. Personally I believe the X1X is going to slaughter PS4 console exclusives, in due time. It's already doing it for the most part and will only keep improving. Definitely giving Sony credit for having much better exclusives but don't underestimate MS so soon. Anything can happen

bluefox7552388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

@hamburger "It's already doing it for the most part and will only keep improving."
Care to elaborate?

BenRC012388d ago

The one X is just polishing turds from the one s. You're not getting anything new.

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freshslicepizza2390d ago

70%of the games will look better on the Xbox One X, meanwhile everyone will be arguing over the visual style of exclusives. One could argue Cuphead looks gorgeous. Visuals are in the eye of the beholder and usually comes down to style.

chrisx2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

@Moldy You can try to change your name and avi, I know that's you. Nothing on the bonex will look as good as even old Ps4 pro games like uncharted 4, let's not talk abt 2018 cos games like GOW and TLOUpt2 will embarrass the bonex

guyman2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

You cant tell me that there is a game that objectively looks better than the order 1886.

When it comes to games that push for a realistic look, opinions are worth nothing because Digital Foundry, as an example, will perform their analysis and come to a conclusion (As they did with horizon frozen wildlands, and came to the conclusion that there is no equal)

When it comes to stylized games, then the Visuals are in the eye of the beholder.

Elda2389d ago

PS4 first party developers are the masters when it comes to visuals & graphics.

Eonjay2388d ago

Multiplat games look the same by definition. The only real difference between them is resolution. Therefore, we look to exclusives to really take platforms to the next level. There is a 40% power difference between the Pro and the X. The extra power will go towards higher resolution. It is the same case with the base models except PS4 is the one with the higher resolution. The Pro is about 200% more powerful than the Standard PS4 and nearly all of the gains go to resolution.

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darthv722389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Sorry you feel that way chris. you are only limiting yourself when you pick a side. you can think there wont be anything but that is because you are only seeing things through the prism that Sony has created. If you step out of that comfort zone you can see that games like Forza 7, Gears 4 and even Cuphead are visually striking more so than games of similar style on other platforms.

It's okay to like a certain platform but to say "nothing will ever..." is very one sided and frankly disrespectful to yourself and others who know that's just not true.

Now as to the main topic, I'd say both will have their variety of visually appealing titles in 2018. Sony will have the edge in best looking exclusives while MS will have the edge in best looking multiplats. It's good to play the field.

2cents2389d ago

Not likely.
There are many talented developers around the world that can do incredible things, they do not exclusively work for sony.

Get over yourself.

2389d ago
Zero_Suit_Samus2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

“Will Xbox One X Or PS4 Pro Have The Best-Looking Games In 2018?”

Sony’s worldwide studios are simply on another level. There’s literally no contest. Just look at Horizon: Zero Dawn and The Last of Us: Part 2.

Ceaser98573612388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

look at the amount of Dislikes, Xbox fanboys are gutted that they have nothing to compare with the Exclusives the PS4 is offering in 2018 so they will be banking on Third party games Mostly...

Okay spec wise the games on X will be slightly better but games wise the PS4 has better games which will actually matter.. Like i said Handful people will care about visual but most will look out for the games a hardware is offering, so far the PS4 will have an amazing 2018 .. Closing onto 100 million sales by the end of 2018

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corroios2390d ago

Forbes still doesnt understand that gamers worldwide buy much much more consoles from sony because of the games that they only find there. New ips, huge system seller, small fantastic japonese games and if you got more money you can buy the pro, BUT, and this is a huge But, if you only got the standard ps4 is still a amazing experience. Games like hzd, wipeout, uncharted,nex machine,that im playing right now along the explosive classic resogun, are something that the rivals cant match.