Tom Clancy's The Division free update arrives today. Free weekend dated

Neil writes: "Whether you're still battling away with Tom Clancy's The Division, or yet to experience the open world action RPG, Ubisoft have today got you sorted."

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Sgt_Slaughter320d ago

Didn't think people still played this after the first week.

Psychotica320d ago

Some people made it to the following Monday..

TheMuffDiver320d ago

They dont!!! freakin worst TC game ever! can you say generic!? Game should be free.

Alek83320d ago

Good time to check back if you haven't played for a while. I went back to The Division after I got bored of Destiny 2 and am having fun.

Enjoigamin320d ago

Yeah im same way. Me and a few friends still play it. If you have a squad of 4 I love it. But to bad the update came out same day as curse of osiris came out lol

Alek83320d ago

How is it? I got really bored of Destiny 2. Does CoA help with the variety?

Enjoigamin320d ago

Been waiting till 5 so the friends could get off work...booting it up now...but let's not kid ourselves it's probably the same ole shit. Only thing that makes it worth it is playing with people you actually know.

Psychotica320d ago

Let me know when the update to change it from an MMO to a single player RPG comes out..then I might play it again.


Umm it was never an MMO to begin with...

Psychotica320d ago

Hmm, I could have sworn I saw other players running around back when I was playing. Guess I was wrong

ocelot07320d ago

Not sure what it was like at launch. But I played it by my self. Done all the main story and side quests by my self. Only ever seeing real players in the safe house. Enjoyed my time with it. Better games out there but it was decent imo.

rebeljoe14320d ago

It’s good now, go play it.