EA Got Titanfall to Stack Up Against Call of Duty?

Agheil writes - "Fellowgamers, EA has just acquired Respawn studios and with that, Titanfall. It seems that EA is collecting the pieces to possibly match up to Activision’s own year over year offerings.

Was this the plan?"

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PhoenixUp318d ago

Battlefield can’t even outsell Call of Duty, yet Titanfall is supposed to?

rollerdisc318d ago

Not Outsell but go against, given enough of a push, I think Titan Fall could do decently. Its a great game, hate that it was put between COD and BF1 last year...

Agheil318d ago

Yeah, I don’t know what the plan with that was on EA’s end.

FITgamer317d ago

The only way that can happen is to have an E-Sports presence and have more Pilot focused game modes. Otherwise it'll never put a a fight despite, IMO, being the better made game.

The_KELRaTH317d ago

I agree Titanfall 2 was a great game but it lacks polish. Even today you can play CoD IW and get new weapon rewards, animated skins etc but TF2 felt kind of flat in that area and the menu system is very dull.

Fix this area and maybe opt for a proper season pass but at a realistic price (£20 - £25) or even just charge for a user map editor (as generally I find user created content often has more ingenuity) and I think they could beat CoD or at least rival it.

Rude-ro317d ago

Well, than you are saying no, it should not go up against COD then.

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Agheil318d ago

Sales, not sure how well that would work out but more in terms of games.

rollerdisc318d ago

To me TitanFall is a WAY better game than COD. Hopefully its get more shine.

Agheil318d ago

Yes, I hope it gets a year of shine.

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bananasrule318d ago

I would grab Titanfall over COD but thats me personally .

Agheil318d ago

I’m sure there are others who feel the same.

Mikelarry317d ago

Same, I think I am done with the cod franchise. Lol cant believe years ago I was like why would ppl choose bf over cod but after playing bf1 I can understand why

rollerdisc318d ago

Stack up in terms of games? Sure. Sales? That’s another story.

Agheil318d ago

Took you a bit of time to rethink things for another comment. ;)

Jivesh317d ago

Titanfall can't compete with CoD on sales front, it doesn't even do close of half of CoD's numbers

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The story is too old to be commented.