16 Most Disappointing Video Games Of 2017

Thankfully 2017 hasn't had any monumental disasters on the level of No Man's Sky, but with many notable highs, its stumbles were plain to see.

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PhoenixUp319d ago

I seriously hate how this website only allows premium users to view all the content of an article on one page

317d ago
BrianOBlivion317d ago

As soon as I see "whatculture", I just move on.

Lord_Sloth317d ago

I wish we could still downvote websites....

AspiringProGenji319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

“Persona 5”

Opinion dismissed!

Relientk77318d ago

Ok well this lists a joke, not clicking


317d ago
Prince_TFK317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

While I do think think Persona 4 is better than Persona 5, I still agree that this is a shit list if it has Persona 5 on it. Persona 5 is a great game and deserves to be RPG GOTY.

Cyborgg319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Mostly multiplatform games was disappointing this year like Mass Effect, Stars Wars, and Prey. Didn't like Call of Duty WW2 either

SolidGear3317d ago

Mass Effect, Prey and WWII were all phenomenal though.

Cyborgg317d ago

Too you not the world. A lot of mix reviews

FallenAngel1984318d ago

Persona 5 & Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy are on this list but Sonic Forces & Lawbreakers aren’t 😳

Relientk77318d ago

Persona 5 lol yeah right. You wanna add Horizon Zero Dawn, Super Mario Odyssey, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild why you're at it?

Smitty2020317d ago

Zelda and horizon are great games just shows u don’t have a clue pal

Godmars290317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

"It was sarcasm..."

Officially a dead art. (Thanks Smitty...)

DaFeelz317d ago

Your comment is wonderfully ironic

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DialgaMarine317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

Don’t forget Uncharted: LL, Nier, And NiOH lol

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The story is too old to be commented.