More Bloodborne Bosses and Monsters Cut from the Final Game Discovered Via Datamining

A majestic undead knight, his possible steed, and more critters emerge from the files of From Software's PS4 exclusive Bloodborne.

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Dirty_Lemons1228d ago

Damn, more content couldn't possibly have been a bad thing.

ColonelHugh1228d ago

When it isn't finished or subpar to the rest of the game, throwing in cut content can be disastrous to the game as a whole. You need look no further than the Saturn version of Symphony of the Night, which had much more content than the PlayStation version, but far worse cohesion.

_-EDMIX-_1228d ago

But you don't even know why the content was cut in the first place for all you know they didn't like how it was specifically programmed.

raWfodog1228d ago

Maybe they're planning on putting them in their secretly developed Bloodborne 2 game that they'll announce shortly. One can dream...

Liqu1d1228d ago

This really makes me want BB2.

Fantomex1228d ago

I want to see a Bloodorne successor on PS5 as a launch title.

PurpHerbison1228d ago

Stuff like this is really cool. Wonder if it'll stir any lore speculation just for fun. I always wanted one more DLC and this sorta reinforces that but I'd much rather a new IP. They are easily at their best when they start fresh. Demons Souls, Dark Souls, & Bloodborne. DS2, and DS3 just don't hold the same quality. I'd hate to see Bloodborne go down that road.

fenome1228d ago

There were originally supposed to be two DLCs but they kind of merged them into one so these were most likely from that. The slug lady I could see being from the Kos side because it was more water based with the fishing village and there were a lot of slugs and parasites. The other enemies seem more fire based (especially in his other video) so I would imagine Laurence would have had some kind of fire based level leading up to his fight.

I wish I could've seen their original plan. Hopefully they just merged them so that they could focus on whatever they're working on now. Really hoping to get an announcement from them soon.

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