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Nitrowolf2371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

it looks like it follows mighty number 9 art style. Really dislike that.

At least we get the x collection. I will still give this a try when it releases, but I've always preferred x art style

Neonridr371d ago

As long as that is the only thing those two games share in common then I can live with that. Would have been awesome if they also included a traditional mode that made it look like the old NES graphics.

RpgSama371d ago

I would prefer the classic NES look, but this is how Mighty Number 9 should have looked, instead of that garbage.

The 10th Rider371d ago

Looks way better than any gameplay for Mighty No. 9 ever did.

Retroman370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Never played Megaman ,but this look inviting .

Also Mighty # 9 should had look this good.

Just notice in small print coming to PSN instead physical disc.

AspiringProGenji371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

Looks like an graphically-improved Megaman 8, and I loved that game!

_-EDMIX-_371d ago

Hidden gem. One of my favorite Megaman games

CorndogBurglar371d ago


I'm one of the biggest Mega Man fans on earth. At least the original series. Never got into X, though I'm excited to try that collection on Switch.

Having said that, this game looks like a lot of fun, but I would much prefer the old graphics and art style if they are going to continue the numbering from the original series. They did it with MM 9 and 10. Why not here?

I feel like this should be called something else. Like Mega Man Next Generation or something. I know thats cheesy, but just a thought.

_-EDMIX-_371d ago


Trust me buddy, what Might 9 "looks like" has nothing to do with why folks were mad at that trash game. This might "look" like it, but clearly its also made by the actual REAL MegaMan team.

3-4-5371d ago

Literally looks absolutely nothing like Mighty NO.9. Like literally nothing like it. How out of touch could you be?

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LG_Fox_Brazil371d ago

No way! I really thought they were going to give us a Theme for PS4 e Xbox One. I am in Capcom, just DON'T SCREW THIS!

Summons75371d ago

Did you see the trailer, they already did.

LG_Fox_Brazil371d ago

Looks good, exactly what I wanted for Mega Man 9 way before Might Number 9 was even thought of. Reminds me of good old Mega Man X4

Concertoine371d ago

For sure

1. This looks more like an X game
2. The art style is awful - like Sonic 4 or Mighty no 9.

This game is like 4 years too late tbh.

Damthatsword371d ago

Cute. Looks vastly better than the x series thats for sure.

Malphite370d ago

How so? The level- and enemy-design looks good. The power looks interesting. I'm cautiously optimistic about this.

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gleepot371d ago

Looks great. Love the art style. Looks so much more polished than MN9.

Pancit_Canton371d ago

I don't know why they don't want to continue the X series with X9. They could probably reboot the X series and starts with something new without Keiji Inafune.