What Should Nintendo Reveal at The Game Awards? - Here Are 3 Ideas

The Game Awards goes down this week. Nintendo has a chance to announce something. Here are 3 suggestions as to what they should unveil.

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Cyborgg343d ago

Metroid please and a new Kirby

wonderfulmonkeyman343d ago

I doubt we're going to get our next look at Metroid Prime 4 until E3 of next year.
That's a big-name title that's going to draw in a LOT of fans; they're going to want to use the right venue for showing off gameplay footage of that.
Same with Kirby; I wouldn't expect anything new from Kirby: Star Allies until E3 at the soonest.

But hey, this IS Nintendo we're talking about; they could pull out anything at this point.

_-EDMIX-_341d ago

Ok, I thought they meant like brand-new announcements.

I would definitely like to see more Kirby footage.

_-EDMIX-_341d ago

I don't think it's going to be Metroid as it sounds too early and they technically already revealed a new Kirby game unless you mean like more footage.

Personally I'd like to see Animal Crossing Luigi's Mansion 3 Pikmin 4.

notachance341d ago

most likely only Zelda DLC.. they tend to keep big announcements on E3/Direct

TekoIie341d ago

A teaser showing the region and the starter Pokes would be awesome but I doubt it'll happen.

Blu3_Berry342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

I don't understand how people are hoping for a Metroid 4 first look or a brand new game for 2018 (if they do that would be a crazy reveal but I highly doubt it would happen). They are most likely gonna have a direct in January anyways. The few things that they could actually show off is the Zelda DLC trailer or maybe something new for a title we already know of such as Kirby, Yoshi, Fire Emblem or Shin Megami Tensei V.

MaxiPower90341d ago

Showing Kirby at the game award show would be an insult.

Blu3_Berry341d ago

Not really. I mean, that is when they revealed Cranky Kong for Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze so.......

MaxiPower90341d ago

What has a sequel to the classic donkey king country series got to do with Kirby. A series that there’s like a billion of them out every other year...

TekoIie341d ago

You think Cranky Kong was a good reveal then?

MaxiPower90341d ago

no, on the contary it was absolutly brutal but that was Nintendo being Nintendo, they were out of touch back then and yes could very well still be, lets hope not

Einhander1971341d ago

Retro Studios reveal :) doubt it though.

Chexs1990341d ago

If they reveal Lucifer's Call 2 I'm getting a switch :D

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