Is EA in Real Trouble?

2017 has been a terrible year for EA. The company has made some major missteps, especially where the Star Wars brand is concerned. Could it finally have gone too far?

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darthv72371d ago

Would be interesting if EA got into some financial trouble and MS opted to buy them out. Then MS would have all of EA's teams as well as access to their full library of sports games. MS, not wanting to cut off a revenue stream, would still allow for games to be made for other platforms so everybody wins.

2pacalypsenow371d ago

And you think MS would automatically fix EA? MS is in the same boat as EA.

They are still using MT (f7) and will still make them a Game as a service.

Also EA is worth Billions, Ms doesn't even invest millions in game studios, you really think they would buy EA?

darthv72371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

A) nope

B) yup

C) MS paid billions for 1 game (minecraft). They could buy EA if the price was right.

_-EDMIX-_371d ago

I was just about the say the same thing.

Condemnedman370d ago

um who paid for the marketing rights to massive games which use M T or have been seen to be messing around with leveling up to encourage buying mt because it sure wasn't Microsoft it was Sony so stop with that bullshit its only ms also uncharted multiplayer was full of Mt's

NewMonday370d ago

EA and Microsoft are made for each other, worst companies in the gaming industry.

Rhythmattic370d ago

All things seems to be Aquired, never inspired..

TheVon370d ago

MS invested 2billion in Minecraft you may want to adjust your post there just a little....tehehehe

kreate370d ago

MS paid billions for 1 game, minecraft. Now times that by all the games EA has. Plus the entire brand of EA.

morganfell370d ago

Yeah that Minecraft buyout really worked. Here is the most hated company around and you think investors (board of directors) will approve that? Now you are just being nonsensical and your true colors, that you have failed to hide for years, are showing.

kreate370d ago

I agree with morganfell.

Bahamut370d ago (Edited 370d ago )


Yeah they bought Minecraft, but I can still play it on my PS4, my Wii U, and my Switch. Seems like a pointless purchase to me, but hey whatever.

UltraNova370d ago

EA isnt going anywhere but if push comes to shove, I think T2 or Activision would scoop them up in a heartbeat.

kevnb370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

at one point i actually thought they were going to buy ea, its not more shocking then buying nokia. EA is worth around 7.5 billion, microsoft is worth almost 300 billion...
Activison and take 2 don't have enough to buy ea, only companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple and facebook can make that sort of purchase.

WilliamSheridan370d ago

I'd love to see them but EA, but a purchase that big they would need to go console exclusive just to choke out the competitor.

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TheColbertinator371d ago

That sounds good if MTs and lootboxes can all go to one console,fine by me. Nintendo and PC gaming for me forever.

Aenea371d ago

How's life in fantasy land?

Stock went down 8.5% which is 3.1 billion, means EA is still worth 35+ billion and you really think MS is going to pay that? Hilarious!

Realms370d ago

Are some of you that desperate for games even shitty ones that you would want EA, yes Madden and FIFA make a shit ton of money but as a game publisher EA is hot garbage.

ClanPsi1370d ago

M$ doesn't have the best track record with letting studios actually finish and release games.

chuckyj1370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Negative... If MS ever bought EA... No games would be multiplat that were made by EA... Minecraft was a different scenario a single money making game that already had super deep ties to all platforms including cell phones... Vs a brand new studio... Now whether EA and MS would have to give up the rights for the NFL would be a different story... It would solve the issue of two separate game subscription services though as EA's service could be rolled right into MS game pass sub...

I wouldn't ever see that happening though, because A) EA just acquired Respawn and B) MS wouldn't want to take on that many studios and employees at one time... That would be an insane amount...

Gaming_Guru370d ago

I think Disney owns the rights to Star Wars; EA is just the developer working on the video game adaptations.

sprinterboy370d ago

Unbelievable what uneducated comments people leave

zaherdab370d ago

Lots of things would be interesting ... lots of interesting things are not feasible

Bahamut370d ago

Yeah that would be great. Keep the bag eggs in one basket, that way they can stick together with their awful business practices. Yes, do that. Nobody wants their microtransaction-driven games anyway.

DVAcme370d ago

Here's the thing: Microsoft as a whole and the XBox division are basically separate entities. The XBox division might wanna acquire EA, but the mother company and its investors would balk. Microsoft is a very image-conscious conpany, too, especially since they're the company that makes the biggest OS in the world, so they'd froen on acquiring a company with such a poisoned name.

Bnet343370d ago

I've been following their stock and it has dropped a considerable amount. If you were an EA shareholder before the loot box fiasco I feel bad for ya.

ILostMyMind370d ago

Go back to hell, demon. 😤

rainslacker370d ago

The NFL license requires it remain multi-plat. The NFL would strip the license if ms decided to make it exclusive.

In any case I doubt ea is in such financial trouble now that ms could take them.over. ms has the money but highly unlikely theyd be willing to pay what we is still worth

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Gridknac371d ago

I hope it really hurts them where it counts, their bottom line. But lets be honest, the only reason EA has gotten by with these practices is because people still buy their shit. Most of this I believe is rooted in the average Joe is not on gaming sites reading about these scumbags.

The gaming world needs to be able to reach its fans in a more main stream way. I don't think most gamers go looking for the negatives to a game and the company that produces it. That coupled with EA's AOS (Attention! OOH SHINY!) approach to trailers, has left many people uninformed.

freshslicepizza371d ago

You hit the nail on the head, Average Joe. They don't care about all the finer details unlike the hardcore who come here to talk non-stop about it. However I do think EA is going to be impacted because Mass Effect didn't do well, Star Wars is receieving huge backlash in reviews and Need For Speed looks like a flop. It's been a bad year for EA.

Mikelarry370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Oh dont forget even thier latest UFC game is looking like a dumpster fire riddled MTx if early reports are to be believed and it said to be worse than battlefront 2 , how this could happen only EA can top themselves it looks like

combatcash370d ago

TBH Average Joe doesn't invest in DLC and MT. That's generally reserved for the hardcore gamers, I know several gamers who always purchase the season pass. I've always felt that once you pay for all the DLC upfront then there's no incentive for the developer/publisher to put out good content.

RommyReigns370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

EA still have FIFA, which despite the masses of grubby microtransactions and pay-2-win scripting littered in their priority game mode Ultimate Team and the utter lack of meaningful gameplay improvements (face it, it's like the developers just adjust the sliders to make the gameplay seem different when in truth it's the same old arcade-esque shit every year, the true definition in the gaming dictionary of 'polished turd'. The only real meaningful improvement in gameplay this year compared to 17 is the addition of quick subs, everything else is same old with the polish of licences including the La Liga licence), still sells millions of copies and generates loads of revenue for EA every year. It's gone to the point where their major rival in the genre PES, despite the gameplay being more realistic and responsive especially offline, has resorted to wrecking MyClub by reducing the rewards compared to 2017 and increasing the scripting, in a vain attempt to 'compete' with the yearly cash cow in the genre.

Fortunately EA's attempt of covering up the BS under the disguise of the worldwide juggernaut Star Wars has exposed the practices widespread in areas outside the gaming industry, from the movie industry to politics, engaging debate on the legality of loot boxes and pay-2-win microtransactions in $60/£40 games. Games with microtransactions and loot boxes from now on (from at least all major developers and publishers like Activision, Konami, WB, Ubisoft etc) will be inspected, scrutinised and eventually exposed as long as there is still attention to the issue.

_-EDMIX-_371d ago

I think it's because you need to understand that the average Joe who might even read these gaming sites may not also care about microtransactions but still actually like to play the game.

So I don't actually believe it's because many people did not hear about this I actually think it's because many don't care if you actually look at Electronic Arts Facebook page or their Instagram account you'll notice there's actually lots of Gamers that completely are aware of the microtransaction controversy yet still bought Battlefront 2.

I'm aware of the controversy and I still bought Battlefront 2....

So I think you guys need to realize that not all gamers are created equal and to please stop at this Narrative of trying to attack the people that buy these games in simply focus on the actual microtransactions themselves because if you care about this game being ruined by microtransactions you should also care about the gamers that are even playing the game in the first place.

Athos371d ago

Good message, well said.

Seraphim371d ago

that's exactly it. EAs main consumer is your average joe. The person who only plays sports games, primarily sports games, play mainstream games, isn't involved much if any in the gaming community, etc. Over the years they have slowly fed MTs while tweaking their games so their consumers have come to accept them as part of the game. Even if they disagree with or don't like the direction the series has gone to gain extra cash from MTs they still buy, play and enjoy said games. We make a big deal out of this blight as if it's the end of the industry, MTs or EA but it's not. Until Govs and Gambling commissions regulate said transactions as gambling nothing with change. EA has the financial backing to withstand any trivial controversy while having the consumers who buy their games annually to enable continued success financially.

_-EDMIX-_370d ago

@sera- that's the thing is many people could just simply dismiss these Gamers by being mainstream or your average Joe, but I don't actually believe it's that simple.

All you have to do is check on any social media site covered by Electronic Arts in you're going to see there are many gamers that very much do not care about this topic as much as other hardcore gamers are trying to lead on. So I don't believe that it's Gamers that do not cover the Gaming Community because you have to understand there are people in this article commenting just like you and I that have bought Battlefront 2.

I've been deeply involved in this Gaming Community for many years and many other gaming communities and I purchased Battlefront 2...

To be angry at a gamer for purchasing a game to have fun would be no different than if you told someone that they should not buy breath of the wild because of the amibos or the pay wall with microtransactions that locks behind the hard mode.

In fact I would argue the majority of games release of high-caliber have had some sort of microtransaction or downloadable content or season pass etc

I do not believe it is correct to try to personally attack, dismiss or belittle these Gamers simply because they want to buy something for fun. So I would say Electronic Arts is going to keep making money so long as they have developers that are still making games that Gamers find fun, but that goes for really any game publisher.

I believe it is correct for governments to regulate stuff like this as it is predatory to children, these type of microtransactions are even geared towards children with toys and the small Collectibles they're even trying to put them in cereal boxes to entice children microtransactions smh.

I think it is perfectly fine to make a big deal out of microtransactions being inside of games, but I believe it should be understood that Gamers regardless of their taste will still buy games for fun. We cannot keep making this battle against Gamers when the battle should simply be against Publishers pedaling microtransactions.

So I see it as we should definitely Target companies that are doing deplorable actions like trying to prey on children with toys or cheap microtransactions even being put inside of cereal but at the end of the day I will not blame the child for wanting it ,I will question the company for trying to do such a thing.

anticooper370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

[email protected] "if you care about this game being ruined by microtransactions you should also care about the gamers that are even playing the game in the first place".
I have been a gamer and have been supporting this industry for 25+ years and i should care about gamers that support lootbox infested games?
You should be thanking me and every other gamer who boycottet the game, it forced the delevopers to make changes for the better.
The credits changes, mt removed, and others changes didnt happen because off people like you that bought the game, but because off the outrage and the many people that did not. If everybody bought it at launch they wouldnt make these ingame changes. Youre supporting a sick development in gaming(gambling/lootboxes) and i have no respect for that. peace.

_-EDMIX-_370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

@anti-stop twisting The Narrative this is actually why people still bought this game.

People are not buying the game because they want the microtransactions or the loot boxes they're actually buying it because they legitimately want a good Star Wars game and they want to have fun playing video games. Trust me I'm pretty positive you could understand that somebody wants to play this game but does not want to support their microtransactions simply the portion of the game that does not require such a thing.

That's like saying you don't like any microtransactions in DLC or anything like that therefore no one should play The Witcher 3 or because you hate microtransactions no one should enjoy Zelda breath of the wild because of amiibos or season pass or anything like that.

So please dear God stop trying to equate somebody playing a video game and liking it as wanting the microtransactions.

This is why I never EVER on this site attack a gamer for liking a video game even if I disagree with the game, even if I disagree with the publisher , even if I disagree with the practice, I could disagree with the whole lot of it but you're never going to find me trying to attack a gamer for liking a video game.

Once again stop equating somebody liking the video game for also wanting the microtransactions because there's lots of people who bought Star Wars Battlefront to myself included who had no plans to ever purchase any microtransactions and support their removal.

You could like video games , still buy Battlefront 2 and still support the removal of Micro transactions

If you're not fighting for those Gamers exactly what's the point of this? It actually makes the Vendetta personal and emotional and actually has you in some respect losing the support of those gamers in the first place because this only sounds like a personal bias and not a real issue.

Make your issue about the removal of the microtransactions not attacking fellow Gamers because they disagree with your personal opinion about a video game...

Your choice to boycott this game is your choice... But at the end of the day even if I agree with YOUR choice to do that, that doesn't make it fair game to start attacking anyone that decides to buy the actual game because at the end of the day like I said before who exactly are you fighting for if you're just going to attack the people that are actually directly being affected by this in the first place?

So you're going to start telling me what games I can and can't play?


I'm pretty positive you could boycott this game and support the removal of microtransactions while still actually respecting other people's decisions to actually buy the game.

Like I said I might disagree with so many people on this website but you're never going to catch me attacking other Gamers simply because they made a decision to buy something they like.

That's completely out of bounds and over-reaching and completely uncalled for.

Focus your anger on ptw microtransactions and not the people that just play video games for fun. Because trust me attacking those users is not going to make them agree with you believe me it's going to have the direct opposite of fact all you have to do is take a glance on Electronic Arts Facebook page and see how good attacking Gamers as actually really helped this situation...

If anything you just come off as a rabid Electronic Arts hater they're not going to listen to you and you make it extremely easy for them to dismiss anything you have to say about the topic.

Hate the practice

Don't attack the gamer.

anticooper370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

[email protected] read your long comment, i dont think you get it. "Once again stop equating somebody liking the video game for also wanting the microtransactions because there's lots of people who bought Star Wars Battlefront to myself included who had no plans to ever purchase any microtransactions and support their removal."

But by buying the game you support the practices off lootboxes/gambling mechanics in full price games. Youre not supporting the removal off lootboxes i hope you see that.

"If you're not fighting for those Gamers exactly what's the point of this?"

People that boycott these business practices are fighting for other gamers, thats the point off the boycott. We want a better future for the gaming community with less mt and no lootboxes with gambling mechanics.

"Focus your anger on ptw microtransactions and not the people that just play video games for fun".

what anger are you talking about? putting feelings into this discussion and playing the victim card doesnt make you opinion look better.

"Like I said I might disagree with so many people on this website but you're never going to catch me attacking other Gamers simply because they made a decision to buy something they like."

You whole comment was a attack on the people you disagree with, but i guess you cant see that.

"So you're going to start telling me what games I can and can't play?


no i didnt tell you what games you can and cant buy, why are you saying that?

oh and you eagerness to defend this games says a lot:)

Peace out:)

OB1Biker370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Thanks.totally agree with your opinion here.
Ultimately this is a video game people buy to enjoy. Some people don't buy it and run about yelling don't buy it if they wish it's also fine.
Everyone I know is aware about the game issues. Respect should be due to all gamers.
We also should push for the game to get better and that's what most gamers playing the game do.
A lot of comments I see straight out say they don't care about improvement. That doesn't make sense.

Thomaticus370d ago

I think we need gamers to be better consumers. People bought Battlefront 2 because they wanted to play a Star Wars game and didn't know about the MTs or perhaps they didn't care about them. If I had a young child that asked for this game, I'd let them play the game. Although I'd be cautious due to the MTs; however, some children will enjoy this game and won't pay attention to the MTs, they simply want to run around, shoot and interact with people online. This game suits the needs of some gamers, with or without the MTs. For those who want to play the game to enjoy the competition, you have to be concerned about the MTs. Online games are typically about competition, and Battlefront 2 ruins that by implementing a pay to win model. For those gamers who are looking utilize the MP aspect of the game to try invest their time in trying to level up, etc., which is the majority of the Battlefront 2 community, its extremely important that they understand MTs and how this may not be a product they should choose to support.

Realms370d ago

EA is trying to implement the same garbage practices they already implement in FIFA and Madden because the casual gamers that play these games don't care about MT's the proof is in the pudding. FIFA is still one of the best selling games yearly. The problem with that is that the hardcore gamer is starting to see these BS practices show up in every F'ing game so now there is some push back. This problem has been festering and SWBF2 was the boiling point for many gamers even those that have ignored it in the past. EA arrogance and greed was just to much for some to stomach.

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specialguest371d ago

Just checked EA's stock. It is down again today at $100.83 a share. Last week I believe they dropped from $109/share to about $106. Let the bleeding continue! I'll be waiting to buy some EA stock once they've hit a low enough bottom.

specialguest371d ago

Lol yes! There's money to be made. I know they'll eventually bounce back.

ClanPsi1370d ago

Would have been better to invest five or so years ago.

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uth11370d ago

more likely those people have jobs and lives and simply don't care about the weekly drama that occurs on gaming sites?

kevnb370d ago

the people complaining loudest are probably buying every single one of their games..

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AizenSosuke371d ago

Hit'em where it counts the money sacks

370d ago
370d ago
Majinzo370d ago

Yes, hate E.A personally. They ruined a lot of games I used to enjoy. Now all they care about is money.

_-EDMIX-_371d ago

I believe Electronic Arts reversals of this were based on the controversy of course but I actually believe it was also likely based on Disney.

Because when this originally first happened Electronic Arts response was so laxidasical it was starting to sound like they could care less that people were upset by this yet suddenly this drastic reversal happened which makes me believe that it was likely Disney that stepped in to ask for them to be removed. So I believe this controversy definitely has heard Electronic Arts but I believe people need to also understand that Electronic Arts doesn't just make Star Wars games.

The fact that this game is even still selling kind of further shows you how very little it hurt Electronic Arts in the first place.

So I believe of course this is not going to be the best year for Electronic Arts but I also don't believe it's going to be the worst for them either. I believe Battlefront 3 in 2019 needs to release with no microtransactions whatsoever and if it's something that has to come out at least leave it cosmetic similar to what you see with OverWatch.

Athos371d ago

While some games may have been a disappointment regarding revenue, they still have Madden, Fifa and others that make bank. We will see if they learn anything out of this and better their practices. Gamer's shouldn't want to punish companies that make mistakes, they should want them to improve. Yes hurting them in the wallet is one way, I am saying that there are also other ways to send a message and still enjoy the game on it merits.

A lot of companies get cocky or greedy, Sony and MS have both done it. It was the arrogance of the PS3 era that gave us the PS4, and the complete failure on MS's behalf when they launched XB1. XB1X may be the realization of that failure, we will know by how they support it.

datriax371d ago

Good god, I sure hope so. I would love nothing more than to see the dissolution of EA.

You can throw Ubisoft in there for good measure.

yellowgerbil370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Ubisoft is nothing like EA and you sound heartless by wishing their demise. The head of Ubisoft has been fighting a hostile takeover for years from a heartless company like EA and still they soldier on creating new IPs. No other company has made as many new IP as Ubisoft has this generation.
Mario and rabbids
That hawk vr game
For honor
the devision
Skull and bones or whatever it's called
And they are even bringing back beyond good and evil

WelkinCole370d ago

Actually Sony has but yes Ubi has tried the best for 3rd party

_-EDMIX-_370d ago

@yellow-while I agree with you that both companies are not exactly alike I would have to slightly disagree in the regards to what the company is doing in terms of games as a service.

Trust me I definitely agree with you that Ubisoft has focused on creating more new intellectual properties in fact more than any other big third-party publisher in my opinion in regards to AAA, but the reality is when you look at stuff like the division skull and bones for honor and many more it is very very clear that Ubisoft had their own plans for games as a service.

Now please understand I'm not trying to say that one is better than the other because that is irrelevant to what we're talking about of course I personally like Ubisoft more because they've tried to make an attempt to create new properties, I actually personally like Electronic Arts more just from preference of games like Battlefront Battlefield Mass Effect Dragon Age and many other titles, but that is here nor there and actually irrelevant.

So the way I see it is let's try to look at what these companies are doing that we don't like in regards to microtransactions but let's also please leave the company as a whole out of it in regards to how we personally feel about those companies.

So I don't agree with the original poster that we should just throw Ubisoft to the wolves, but I do agree that if we're simply just talking about games-as-a-service or microtransaction that Ubisoft is just as guilty. In the same would go for Activision Microsoft take two and many other publishers.

But please don't confuse was being stated regarding their microtransactions as trying to damn the publisher as a whole or as some strange generalization because I believe that is a dangerous way of thinking on this website.

I'm trying my best to separate how I personally feel about the actions of these companies away from what I personally like about their games.

So for the most part we could very much see Ubisoft Activision Nintendo take two Microsoft and many other Publishers in the same boat regarding microtransactions or games as a service or selling toys to children Within game achievements or hiding modes behind pay walls etc