How Zero Punctuation Humbled Nintendo and Peter Molyneux

HPP: Zero Punctuation has had a bigger influence on some developers than we realize and perhaps it’s something only a true fanboy would have recognised.

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derkasan2323d ago

I like how blunt he can be. You'd think that'd alienate him from his crowd (just try to give Mario Odyssey a low score), but he manages to stand out.

FullmetalRoyale2323d ago

I really enjoyed watching his older reviews, when I discovered him, and seeing him tearing up games I played and liked. I’d recommend others to try it, as it’s pretty entertaining to laugh at some games’ expense.

2323d ago
nitus102322d ago

Actually, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw never gives a score for games he reviews although it is not that difficult to guess if the game is worth getting.

kevnb2323d ago

developers and publishers shouldn't take him too seriously.

Veneno2323d ago

Thats the thing to remember about Zero Punc. He is only entertainment and not a real reviewer since no matter how good a game is it is his job to tear it a new one, in a funny way. Its like watching Beevis and Butthead give their thoughts on music videos. Its just entertainment not to be taken as serious criticism.

yeahokwhatever2322d ago

"real reviewer"..what's this a joke?

Veneno2322d ago

Lol! i get your point.

2323d ago
bluefox7552323d ago

I find him rather annoying tbh. I think Razorfist is far more funny and entertaining as far as that whole style of video goes.

AlbertW2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

cool dude

KaaF2323d ago

Ah, the guy who said Demons Souls was garbage, who else should I take seriously? "I hate everything" channel?

Yui_Suzumiya2322d ago

Which is ironic because he's obsessed with Dark Souls and loves the series.

Lord_Sloth2322d ago

Iirc he addressed this is his Dark Souls video.

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Xbox's Preservation Step Sets A Much-Needed Example, Especially For Nintendo

Hanzla from eXputer inquires: "If Xbox can care about preserving its games and legacy, what exactly is wrong with Nintendo, trying to kill game preservation single-handedly?"

purple1011d ago

Ahh yes the good old game preservation of saving all your games to a removable hhd on the Xbox 360, taking it round your mates house, setting up multiple tvs to
Be met with “save data corrupted, please re download”

Or how about removing 360 games
From the store
, download them now or else, and, better hope to god that save data doesn’t corrupt, or it’s lost for ever

Nice one ☝️

Zeref9h ago

It's better than what Nintendo and Playstation is doing. It might not be perfect but at least they are TRYING. Unlike the others.

DarXyde7h ago

Trying? Take off the blinders for a moment, mate.

1. A failure to preserve games is just that: a failure to preserve games. Don't try to sugarcoat it: NO ONE is doing it properly. Better than awful is nothing to write home about.

2. At the time of this comment, isn't it the case that you need an internet connection to play Xbox games even if you buy physical discs that are hardly in circulation anymore? I don't have a Series X and I can't verify, but I think that is correct. I'm fairly certain you can at least play PS5 games at version 1.0 (not much of a win really when many games require day one patches). I think Microsoft's all digital, licensing approach is by far more aggressive than anyone else's. They really try to push you to game pass where you lose your entire library by umm.... Skipping a month of payments.

I don't think anyone is doing it right whatsoever. Don't get me started on Nintendo, who goes after anyone looking to preserve their games better than they ever would with extreme litigation.

Don't be a simp for any of these companies. Get it together.

PhillyDonJawn7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

@DarX never speak on Xbox again. You lost all credibility with your internet connection comment. Smh you have 0 clue and misinformed yet speaking on something you don't no squat about.

Einhander19726h ago

What has Sony done exactly? You guys keep deflecting to Sony but I am not actually seeing any results, and ai am certain nothing that you can come up with even comes close to what Microsoft has done and what they have tried and failed to do, like tie all your disks to your account on xbone.

Microsoft removed their whole indie section when they moved to the xbone because they were going to only allow games on the service that came from a publisher, id@xbox started after xbone launched and it only exists because Sony embraced indie and Microsoft was forced to cancel their plans and reverse course.

And every single game that was part of games for windows live including disk games (I have gta 4 on disk that won't work) so hundreds of games that use that DRM no longer work unless the company themselves patched it out which of course very few did.

MrBaskerville5h ago

Not trying. Tried. they killed of the backcomp program years ago. They set something up again, but sounds like it's more of an attempt to save the current library on whatever they are planning next. With luck they save everything and more, but let's see. I could see them killing off parts of the OG xbox and 360 libraries. Can't imagine that they would allow us to play Forza 5-7 in the future.

With that said, I do like what they've done and really wish they could have done more.

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isarai22h ago

Is that why Hellblade 2 is digital only?

Zeref9h ago

Just because it's digital only doesn't mean you can't preserve it. Just put it on an external and you have the exact same functionality of what a disc does.

MrNinosan8h ago

Guess you're trolling, but if you actually think that's how it works, I'd recommend buying some braincells.

Einhander197221h ago

This is just a scammy PR move to distract from the fact they are going digital only and trying to push streaming and subscriptions only.

No gaming company has pushed harder to remove ownership than Microsoft.

Without discs there is no preservation, preservation can't be done by the rights holders it can only be done by the consumers, anything else is a lie.

19h agoReplies(3)
Einhander197217h ago

Anyone remember xblig which Microsoft removed their whole 360 indie section removing hundreds of games from people?

17h ago
14h ago
Zeref9h ago

Do you know you can put your games on an external and preserve them that way? There are no benefits to discs. ZERO. Idk why some of you are still obsessed with them.

DarXyde7h ago

Because games like Persona 5 exist. It's STILL V1.00. On Playstation, that's a win because 1.00 is installed on the disc—no need to download anything.

If a game does not require any updates, it's all on the disc.

Extremely low bar in the modern era, of course. It's not much of a win by any stretch.

But for now, physical media does have a purpose, at least on Playstation.

Einhander19727h ago

That is factually not how game licensing works, try plugging your hard drive into someone else xbox, It's not going to work, and it won't work if the licensing servers ever go down.

Einhander19727h ago

Anyone remember games for windows live.

I have around a dozen games, some on Steam itself that will not work because Microsoft shut off the licensing servers.