How Zero Punctuation Humbled Nintendo and Peter Molyneux

HPP: Zero Punctuation has had a bigger influence on some developers than we realize and perhaps it’s something only a true fanboy would have recognised.

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derkasan1933d ago

I like how blunt he can be. You'd think that'd alienate him from his crowd (just try to give Mario Odyssey a low score), but he manages to stand out.

FullmetalRoyale1932d ago

I really enjoyed watching his older reviews, when I discovered him, and seeing him tearing up games I played and liked. I’d recommend others to try it, as it’s pretty entertaining to laugh at some games’ expense.

1932d ago
nitus101932d ago

Actually, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw never gives a score for games he reviews although it is not that difficult to guess if the game is worth getting.

kevnb1932d ago

developers and publishers shouldn't take him too seriously.

Veneno1932d ago

Thats the thing to remember about Zero Punc. He is only entertainment and not a real reviewer since no matter how good a game is it is his job to tear it a new one, in a funny way. Its like watching Beevis and Butthead give their thoughts on music videos. Its just entertainment not to be taken as serious criticism.

yeahokwhatever1932d ago

"real reviewer"..what's this a joke?

Veneno1932d ago

Lol! i get your point.

1932d ago
bluefox7551932d ago

I find him rather annoying tbh. I think Razorfist is far more funny and entertaining as far as that whole style of video goes.

AlbertW1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

cool dude

KaaF1932d ago

Ah, the guy who said Demons Souls was garbage, who else should I take seriously? "I hate everything" channel?

Yui_Suzumiya1932d ago

Which is ironic because he's obsessed with Dark Souls and loves the series.

Lord_Sloth1932d ago

Iirc he addressed this is his Dark Souls video.

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