Hawaii State Rep Says Loot Boxes Are Close Enough To Gambling, Is Sure EA Will Try This Again Soon

Loot boxes are close enough to gambling according to Hawaii state representative Sean Quinlan, who chastised Electronic Arts for Star Wars Battlefront II and said to be sure that they'll try to use the same model again very soon.

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ccgr317d ago

Only 49 states to go!

315d ago
FarEastOrient315d ago

That's not how anything is conducted in the US. They can pass whatever they want, but they need to pass judgement by the courts.

rainslacker314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Courts would only be involved if there was some legal reason for the case to question if the law itself was constitutional. In the US, it's the lawmakers that make the laws, and the head executive(president or governors) which approve the law after it goes through the various houses that make the laws.

Generally, classifications of products don't fall under this. It's the laws that pertain to gambling that would come into question by the courts, not the classification.

In this case, it's likely to be some committee type deal, which isn't really making laws, but deciding if this particular thing falls into already existing laws.

As far as state to state goes, each state can make and enforce it's own laws. There are only certain laws which have to adhere to national constitutional standards. The entire structure of the republic of the US is that the states are free to conduct their own business, however, they are still required to follow national laws on some things. The drug laws for instance are facing this dilemma now, where something may be illegal in a certain state, but national laws still make some of them illegal.

But for the most part, gambling laws have a general structure through federal laws, but each state can decide if gambling is legal or not, or how it is regulated. The national government only gets involved when it comes to taxes, and when it's interstate.

-Foxtrot317d ago

Ha. Even these guys know what EA are like.

GamesMaster1982317d ago

Finally somewhere that see the truth. Wake your ass up rest of the world. And put a stop to these money leeches.

UCForce317d ago

Good ! It’s good start.

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The story is too old to be commented.