The Battlefront II Fiasco Really Won’t Change Much Within The Industry

Jordan from DYEGB writes: "First of all, piss off for assuming that I wouldn’t want Darth Vader in pink. I think that would be fabulous."

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Septic371d ago

Hmm I reckon it will. Maybe for a little while until devs then go back to doing the same shit but in a 'nicer way.

Aenea370d ago

MT's earns them money, it's not going away, they will indeed find ways that people find acceptable...

See it like a little kid trying to find out what they can get away with...

370d ago
AizenSosuke371d ago

It will people aren't stupid to fall for the same crap twice.

_-EDMIX-_370d ago

You assume buying a video game has to do with either?

People are going to buy things they think are fun that has nothing to do with smart or dumb or anything like that.

If anything I believe the best way of approaching the situation like this is to relax on the hate speech you guys are going to realize that continuing that type of abusive practice is actually going to have the direct opposite effect, if anything you're simply going to reinforce their ideologies. So the best way of letting people know how bad these practices are in terms of microtransactions and pay to win type crap and games is not to start calling the users that enjoy these video games dumb or start personally attacking them because the second you do this they're not listening to you they're going to dismiss any argument you made and you've lost them completely you need to approach them on biasly and make it clear that this practice is bad for all games and not simply cherry-picking Publishers you don't like.

Sooooo that actually means you guys might need to start talking about the dlc content that's being sold with The Witcher 3 and the amiibos with the Zelda and Its season pass and many other games

If it's seen as a directed bias opinion you're going to lose them before you even started a real campaign against these practices.

Make your plight against the practices not against the consumers.

I mean put it this way do you really believe spending years of calling Call of Duty Gamers dumb has resulted in those game series selling less? They're still moving 20 million units every year. If anything I'd argue you've made their bond much more stronger because they now feel there are people that are to be revered...

rainslacker369d ago

I tend to assume a lot of people are.

However, I'm not so naive to believe that the majority actually care about any of this kind of stuff. More often than not, things that aren't appreciated by the vocal crowd, end up continuing because the majority either don't care, or don't know.

NordicRainy370d ago

If people were smart enough to vote with their wallets it would, but I yeah, sadly I don't have too much faith.

DialgaMarine370d ago

To be fair, BF2 sales have been pretty far down the drain.

_-EDMIX-_370d ago

Try not to attack Gamers for playing a game and start focusing that energy towards the removal of microtransactions loot boxes and other practices inside of games.

Because the second you start trying to equate smart or dumb to the purchase of a video game you've already lost anyone that would have ever even listen to you regarding a topic like this.

So what are you going to do? You going to start telling them a "smart" way they should be spending their money they worked for?

Come on now I mean you have to realize you're not going to convince them to listen to you based on the situation with such an attitude.

bluefox755370d ago

Of course it will. It sends a message to publishers that gamers won't just accept a f2p model on a $60 game.

HyperMouse370d ago

Well then i save money not buying their pay to win grind variety of games, i do enjoy BF though that will be a loss if they do a BF2 with the next battlefield

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The story is too old to be commented.