The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Shouldn't Be This Good

Despite Breath of the Wild's forgettable quests and repetitive foes, it rises above its lackluster structure through other means.

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Movefasta1993318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

I have recently beaten the game and I must say that I am disappointed with the game. The story is weak, the puzzles are bland; other than the desert divine beats, none of them gave me trouble solving. The weapon breaking system hurts the game severely because it devalues exploration; there's nothing worse than completing a quest or exploring a place for a while only to be rewarded with a chest that will give you a weapon that will break quick.But there are some locations like the three huge maze areas,and you get an awesome armour set for completing all three,but the game mainly rewards with soon to be broken weapons.
Its greatest strength is its player and world interaction,for example,throwing a metallic weapon at an enemy right before thunder strikes it.And the way your wooden quipment burns up in the volcanic region.These are all amazing things.But it didn't save the game from being average.
I argued with a dude named foxrot on n4g,when I first bought the game.And he said the game is nothing special and I said why don't you play the game first.Well after 80+ hours ,80shrines I think he was right.And i'll give my id to anybody who doesn't believe that I put that many hours into it.It really is just average to me.Twilight princess and ocarina are the only two other Zelda games I played,and they are masterpieces,they are way better games.And I cringe when I read some of the reviews post completing the game.I wonder if people seriously believe it's better than every Zelda game and it's their greatest game of all time.

Theknightofnights318d ago

I have a completely different experience than you do. I loved BotW from end to end.

Soulst0rmer318d ago

Zelda is a really fun game but it has a terrible story. Everything is a fetch quest. Shrines are hit or miss. 900 korok seeds can eat it. It's fun but not amazing.
I have 22 hearts, 90 Shrines, 250 Seeds, and beat the game (now going and cleaning up some of the stuff like the last memory to get the other ending). I am getting bored to be honest. The beasts have awesome SOTC moments, but the puzzles and boss battles suck. The pay off for Shrine puzzles are stupid. Nothing you earn feels special. Even the mastersword is meh. No temples and the Castle is poorly designed. I change my mind. Overrated and it's nothing special.

Horizon is the complete package that's incredible on every facet. I wouldn't say it's perfect but it is lengthy with overstaying it's welcome. Each thing you do feels like it has a purpose and adds to the experience.

Theknightofnights318d ago (Edited 317d ago )


I feel rewarded just for the experience of exploring and experimenting. The puzzles feel great, especially since there is rarely ever just one way to solve a problem. Also, not every quest is a fetch quest. There are a myriad of other quests that introduce shrines, teach you recipes, have you defeat enemies, find special animals etc. Every thing has such an organic feel in the world, especially with your environment and with NPC's. Every encounter with an enemy is unique. BotW is absolutely special to me.

Horizon for me was a fixed world that never tore itself apart from it's derivative work. I never felt the urge to explore the world like I did BotW. Horizon also felt very guided and linear in comparison. Sure you can go off the beaten path, but there aren't many significant discoveries you can make aside from a cache here or a metal flower there (all of which you can just find the location on your map if you wanted to find them anyway). People have complaints about Zelda's inventory system, but I didn't like the way Horizon handled inventory (very much like Far Cry, except it tied some expansions to rare drops which I didn't like). I was constantly filling up my inventory and having to sell items at merchants.

I guess we just have different expectations and opinions.

Theknightofnights318d ago (Edited 317d ago )


To add, I by no means thought Horizon was a bad game. It takes a lot of cues from the Far Cry series, but it does most of them better. It is a great game and deserving of it's scores. I just think that BotW is also deserving of it's scores.

Cyborgg317d ago

I agree one of the best experience this generation

alex101594317d ago

Agreed. I don't typically like the Zelda series (despite Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask), but BOTW is amazing. Loved every moment. Has few flaws, but what game doesn't? 10/10.

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Dlaw76318d ago

Okaaaay playstation fan we already know how you feel Horizon Zero Dawn is better than Zelda Breath of the Wild

Movefasta1993318d ago

I haven't played horizon, and I played and beat Zelda, this isn't blind criticism. I think the game is average at's good and bad,but never great.

mcstorm318d ago

Movefasta1993 that's the thing about gaming we all have our own views. Just like how I perfer forza ms over project cars or GT. I perfer botw over horozon. Halo over Bf & Cod. Split/second over blur. Play what you like and others should do the same.

Sono421317d ago

Okaaaay nintendo fan we already know how you feel Zelda Breath of the Wild is better than Horizon Zero Dawn

-Foxtrot317d ago

Here we go...Nintendo criticism and it's suddenly "You're a fanboy"


Sircolby45317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

I have played both and personally...I think they are both great games, but also very different. Horizon wows you with AMAZING graphics and lighting, a top notch story, and interesting fighting mechanics. Zelda looks nice in its own regard, but it is more focused on puzzling and figuring out creative ways on how to beat stuff where in Horizon your only attack variances are really in what creature you are fighting at the time. (Granted there are a lot of variations)

It all comes down to do you want...a cinematic experience with amazing graphics and a gripping story or do you want a game that is really going to challenge you mentally and make you scratch your head and come up with creative solutions? I enjoyed them both, but for very different reasons.

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Kosic318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

I figured that the game was so so after 20-23 hours. The weapon breakage is the worst implemented feature they added. Not many weapons last long enough, even if their rare. They still have a real low duration. I googled how to get the Master sword and was disappointed it breaks as well.

I rushed the last quarter of the storyline, sold off my copy and not looked back.

The small details in the game was the only thing that impressed me. Clouds actually casting shadows, how cold, warmth , light etc all reacts perfectly.

The dungeons are crap. The temples (4 define beasts) are piss poor. I completed the bird beast in about 15 minutes flat. It has nothing against oot.

It's an open world game with pretty attention to detail, but it's shallow at everything else.

michellelynn0976317d ago

Wrong. The puzzles and gameplay are real meaty.

OzzY-waZZy317d ago

"Wrong. The puzzles and gameplay are real meaty."

Out of all the shrines I came across, I only got stuck on one (the constellation one.) The rest were complete in less than 5 minutes. I mean sure leave them in there but don't replace awesome temples and switch them with easy shrines.

wraith9999317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

the master sword doesnt break?

EDIT : technically it does "break" for a bit but not permanently which is what i assume you meant

LordoftheCritics318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

I have had the complete opposite experience to yours. If you disliked the game, you could've dropped it in 20 hours.
80 hours says everything.

I play pretty much every AAA game in every console. Zelda: BOTW i game of the gen easily.

Movefasta1993318d ago

I said the game was average, and that it has good and bad moments. And I don't drop average games, I play them till the end.I can't review games I do not beat. Because they can start badly and end great. Unfortunately it started fun and then slowly became repetitive and its flaws slowly revealed themselves. And that pathetic excuse for a last boss; it was a letdown.
I will always give a game a chance, and it was the only switch game I had,so I played it tillt he credits rolled. AND again, I don't think it is a bad game.

Lexreborn2318d ago

People can’t be mad at your opinion you said your pros and cons. I believe the game is average as well, with decent moments. But, far from a perfect game.

michellelynn0976317d ago

I loved it and I do think it is the best of all time.

3-4-5317d ago

Most likely the next game will be slightly smaller in size, but more story focused.

OzzY-waZZy317d ago

I could not agree more with this comment. Except I personally prefer OoT and Windwaker.

I caved in and bought a switch. I love the system (first time since the gamecube) however, Zelda was a disappointment. I appreciate the scope and where the series is going but I feel it lost it's soul a bit. I miss atmospheric temples! I loved the feeling of being creeped out by the shadow temple and challenged by the water temple. The divine beasts are way too short, similar, and simple. What about epic bosses? The Spirit Ganons were super lame compared to challenging inspired bosses from past Zelda's. I don't see why they couldn't add that to BoTW. I was neither a fan or against the weapon system.. it's pretty meh to be honest. Break weapons, get more weapons, not a game changer also not a game breaker.

Also, what happened to all the fun quirky npc's? All the current npc's are bland and boring. As far as the soundtrack, it says something that I came across the most memorable song in the first zone abandoned temple.

I honestly don't understand the hype for this game. It's def. a step in the right direction in terms of scope but it lost a lot of what makes Zelda great. In short, atmospheric temples, inspired bosses, quirky npc's, and a master soundtrack.

Damthatsword317d ago

Just abouf every developer that played the game disagrees with most of what you said, so your opinion doesnt really hold much weight. The simple fact that almost all textures in the game are climable makes the world design a trillion miles ahead of witcher or horizon. Not to mention the verticality in this game just laughs at most open worlds out there.

Knushwood Butt317d ago

I personally prefer well designed, satisfying combat over climbing.

bluefox755317d ago

I think a lot of it comes from nostalgia. It's a new Zelda game on a new Nintendo console, people want it to be the best thing ever, and many people see what they want to see. They have so much emotional investment that they can't bring themselves to acknowledge flaws.

balance2theforce317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

I know right. All those developers that don't even make games for Nintendo systems and/or have games competing with that game for everything from Game of the Year Awards to gamers money and mindshare are just falling in line to bow down to Zelda because of nostalgia or whatever helps you guys get to sleep at night. Lmao Get the hell out of here dude, the game is great. And the critics and world have alreadyt spoken. So matter how much many of you guys hate, make excuses, or whatever to make yourself feel better, is still one of the highest rated games of the generation and of all time. 😆

Edit: "michellelynn09767h ago
Like the Sony fans who lost their minds over Killzone 2 getting a 9.4? And they wanted a reviewer fired for giving Uncharted 4 a 9?"

So much truth. Though to be fair I only remember the fanboys spazzng about a review of like a 7 or something by some paper changed or discarded or something because they were crying about what it would do to metacritic scores. They cried, whined and attacked them so much that it was changed or removed. I can't remember which at the moment, but they pouted and tantrumed until they got their way.

Lmao and let"s not even talk about the freaking death threats and conniption fits thrown because square enix decided to put some games on the Xbox. These folks should be some of the LAST folks to try and call someone else out.

blawren4317d ago

Blaming everything on Nostalgia is just a cop out excuse. Not everyone has nostalgia for the series. That's just a slap in the face to every developer that is proud of the game and the many reviewers that gave honest well t hought out reviews. If you don't think the game is great, but don't devalue others' opinion by claiming "nostalgia"

Travis3708317d ago

Who are you? I freaking love what you've said because it's the same way I feel about this game. I put over 160 hours into BOTW mainly doing nothing but running around in an empty world. All they hype is coming from New zelda gamers who haven't played Ocarina or Nintendo fanboys who think every single zelda game is a 10/10

Perjoss317d ago

I honestly don't understand why some have an issue with weapons breaking, I have about 180 hours in BotW and my inventory from start to finish was always packed with weapons, with 3 or 4 of them being very powerful. I never cared about a weapon breaking as there was always so many to replace it.

That goes for bows and shields too. Weapons bows and shields are everywhere.

blawren4317d ago

How worthless would those shrine chests be if people just kept the best weapon and nothing else? Being that you can go to these in basically any order, just going to the best reward would make the game super easy. I throw away more good weapons that I ever worried about breaking.

-Foxtrot317d ago

Lets just call a spade a spade when we see it

For a MAIN LINE big ass ZELDA game it's a letdown

For a game in general it's pretty decent for what it is but nothing special

Zelda games in the past have had so many charming things about it but this one just strips them away by having a typical open world layout where other games even years ago did better.

But unfortunately...Zelda is in the title so the game is untouchable. To die hard fanboys you either think it's a masterpiece, perfect, 10/10, flawless OR you are are hater, troll, cynic...there's no middle ground apparently.

Many-hat5317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

Just out of interest, why did you put 80+ hours into the game? That's seems an awful long time to invest in a game you are disappointed in, don't you think? I do agree there are some issues with the design, for sure. I agree that completing quests only to be given a crappy sword or a few rupees. doesn't really encourage quest completion or exploration. Personally, I would like to see many more secrets to discover. You know, you wander round find all these fantastic ruins only to find nothing there! Where are the secrets? Anyway,I think while most players would have some dislikes, it's a game that delivers sublime play, because its' greater than the sum of it's parts. Definitely, one of the best this gen has to offer so far, imo. I don't wish to knock HZD, because I know for many it's a superb game, but for me I found it very boring. I played about 5hrs and haven't picked it up since. For me, not in the same league as BOTW.

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InTheZoneAC318d ago

BotW is a fun relaxing game, but it's hard to see where these near perfect reviews are coming from. I played games like Horizon and Assassin's Creed Origins and compared to BoTW those games are great in their own ways, but don't get plastered with 9.5+ reviews across the board. BotW feels empty, lifeless and bland in many areas. It's a solid game, just don't think it was deserving of such a high rating.

LordoftheCritics318d ago

Lol Assasins Creed shouldn't be mentioned near a Zelda game. Ass Creed is an iterative sequel styled game.

Zelda always brings a generation of newness to the table every single time.

LordoftheCritics317d ago

@Knushwood Butt

Yes, the non glitchy/non cumbersome/best version of it to date.

Wotbot318d ago

The game is class, it reminds me of what gaming was all about, a pure joy to play.

317d ago
Father__Merrin318d ago

i think most reviewers gave it 10's simply because its zelda and no matter what flaws you are not allowed

Majin-vegeta318d ago

Case in point...Jim Sterling review and those Fanboys lost their minds😂

michellelynn0976317d ago

Like the Sony fans who lost their minds over Killzone 2 getting a 9.4? And they wanted a reviewer fired for giving Uncharted 4 a 9?

michellelynn0976317d ago

All consoles have fans who get too defensive. Did I care about the few mediocre reviews that Xenoblade got? No.

bluefox755317d ago

@michelle Why are YOU getting defensive? I think it goes without saying that all console fanboys get defensive. Can't remember another time when they DDOS'd someone though, Nintendo fanboys are on another level.

septemberindecember317d ago


What about when Sony fans DDOS’d jimquisition for his No Mans Sky review?

Don’t remember that?

lcslick317d ago

You do realize these whataboutizms that everyone seems to do like the "what about sony" stuff, gets us absolutely nowhere and completely avoids the point in the most stupid way possible. Fanboys when it comes to reviews is a problem since bias reviews are not good for anything. I see this alot with nintendo more so in my opinion and there are many examples, but when games are getting 10s from popular sites because of it its a problem. When it happens with a playstation game or xbox game it also is a problem and needs to be called out then. BUT NOT by somebody says "well zelda got 10s and that wasn't that good" or more comments like that which get us nowhere.

septemberindecember317d ago (Edited 317d ago )


He literally said: "Can't remember another time when they [regarding console fanboys] DDOS'd someone though, Nintendo fanboys are on another level."

I'm giving him an example of when they (Sony fans) DID DDOS someone. I'm not excusing anyone. I'm showing him how all fanboys suck equally.

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wonderfulmonkeyman318d ago

If that were the reason any Zelda gets a high score, Triforce Heroes wouldn't have failed so hard in comparison.

It's getting good scores from most reviewers because most reviewers loved it despite its flaws.

michellelynn0976317d ago

Is that why Skyward Sword got a lot of imperfect reviews? So did Twilight Princess?

Prince_TFK317d ago

I think it high time we move pass this “Nintendo get a pass” thing. No matter what game Nintendo releases these people always say the same thing.

balance2theforce314d ago

My thoughts exactly. Let's not get started on how many games folks around here kneel before that I'm like are you serious when I see the praise and passes I feel they get.

Damthatsword317d ago

You mean like naughty dogs generic oscar bait games?

balance2theforce314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

😏 Not even going to touch that here.😉

TallonIV317d ago

Please keep your conspiracy theories out of the comment section, thanks.

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Eiyuuou318d ago

A great game, but I must say that it disappointed me in many regards.