Hideo Kojima and Del Toro to present at Thursday’s Game Awards

This Thursday The Game Awards 2017 will be held in Los Angeles. This yearly award show, produced by industry veteran Geoff Keighley is meant to celebrate the best games of the past year, as well as provide world premieres for new and upcoming titles. Yesterday, we already learned that one of the presenters will be none other than film maker Guillermo del Toro, who of course is a close friend of Kojima’s and also collaborates on him with his next project Death Stranding. Today, another presenter was announced: Hideo Kojima himself. A little earlier the legendary game designer already posted on Twitter that he was boarding a plane.

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DarkOcelet319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Death stranding gameplay incoming? Yes, please.

Kingthrash360318d ago

Fingers...toes...arms. ..legs..and girlfriend all crossed for gameplay.

UltraNova318d ago

Ok we know Jeff has a huge man-crush for Kojima but common wouldn't Sony want to have the gameplay reveal shown on their stage 1st?


Smart man! Hehe

Nyxus318d ago

@ UltraNova: But with the TGA they may reach a bigger audience, also people who may not yet have a PS4 and may be convinced to get one, whereas PSX is mainly viewed by PS4 owners (I assume).

Malphite318d ago

@UltraNova: They could show a new cinematic trailer with a short gameplay teaser at the Game Awards and keep the detailed gameplay reveal for PSX. Would be a win-win situation for both shows.

UltraNova317d ago


I have a feeling everyone is gonna be watching PSX...


Good idea, I can see it working!

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Summons75318d ago

Hopefully gameplay and not another vignette.

TheOttomatic91318d ago

Guest starring Stefanie Joosten

theshredded318d ago

Death Stranding gameplay would be the bomb, hopefully the gal gets revealed!

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The story is too old to be commented.